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Couple Art Series | Creative Romantic Art Series

Looking for the most beautiful lovers couple art and creative romantic art? Take a look at these beautiful romantic couple painting ideas and lovers artwork concepts.

Faceless Lovers Art Collection: "Galactic Love"

Medium: Ink Pen on Bristol Board Paper

Lovers Art Space Embrace
Lovers Art When Gods Embrace

A Romantic Poem Inspired by The Art Series
Two lovers decided to birth the universe
They touched in the darkness and a spark of light occurred 
A climax of clusters and galaxies emerged 
This is what happened when gods embraced
They created a galactic love
The romance which conceived the stars above

Lovers Art Galactic Love
Lovers Art King and Queen Of The Stars
Prints of the faceless lovers coming soon!

Black Love Artwork: "Cosmic Embrace" First of the Blue and Red lovers art series.

Black Love Artwork