Kenal Louis Artist: Original Pen and Ink Drawings for Sale

Pen and Ink Artwork by Artist Kenal Louis.
Original pen and ink drawings for sale, nft artworks, digital illustrations by visual artist Kenal Louis. Abstract ink artwork drawing for collectors who are looking for art that express emotion, movement, and great conversation starters for art viewers.
Pen and Ink Artwork Collections By Kenal Louis
African Abstract Art
Abstract Portrait Artworks
Couple Line Art Ink Drawing

Hi! I'm Kenal Louis

The greatest joy for me is when someone contact me to send me photos of my art hanging on the wall of their homes or an artwork I created for them.

I was four years old when I begin drawing. My memory of the moment that I took this photo is embedded in my mind vividly.

Art Is My Passion | Being An Artist Is My Purpose

Young Kenal

This photo is of a Four-year-old me posing for my school picture.

This is where it all started for me, literally. During the time I was still living in Haiti (an island in the Caribbean in case you have not heard of it). 

Never did I imagine that I would be making art or inspiring other creative artists the way that I do today. Although, I always dreamed of being an artist and maybe even an art teacher.

I've found myself helping startup companies with their branding identity and logo designs. It's a different form of art, which have a more utility aspect to it.

"I will spark a change in the world through art."

- Kenal Louis

3D Footwear Design and Concept Art by Artist Kenal Louis
Creating visually stimulating 3D models and renders for footwear visionaries for compelling presentations.
3D Footwear Models and Renders By Kenal Louis
3D High Heel Designer
Photorealistic Product Rending Services
3D Footwear Design