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Kenal Louis

"I will spark a change in the world through art."

- Kenal Louis

Hi! I'm Kenal Louis

The greatest joy for me is when someone contact me to send me photos of my art hanging on the wall of their homes or an artwork I created for them.

I was four years old when I begin drawing. My memory of the moment that I took this photo is embedded in my mind vividly.

Art Is My Passion | Being An Artist Is My Purpose

Young Kenal

Me At 4

This is where it all started for me, literally. During the time I was still living in Haiti (an island in the Caribbean in case you have not heard of it). 

Never did I imagine that I would be making art or inspiring other creative artists the way that I do today. Although, I always dreamed of being an artist and maybe even an art teacher.

I've found myself helping small business company's with the branding identity and logo designs. It's a different form of art, which have a more utility aspect to it.

As a creative person working as a graphic designer is my primary source of my income.

Whether I am painting, drawing, or once in a while creating designs, art is my passion. 

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Fashion Goddess

Wall Art Prints | Kenal Louis Art

Creative heart art, fashion wall art, and butterfly wall art prints available as art gift ideas.

As an artist with passion to create art, whenever I sell a piece that goes into someone's home I get a sense of purpose.

It makes me happy to see other people happy giving and receiving the artworks that I create as gifts to themselves or others.

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My Mission Through Art

Creating art is what I do best and it is my purpose in this life I’ve been given to be an artist. Daily I strive to bring my thoughts to life visually.

I believe that I can do anything I set my mind to. I will open an art studio, which will also be a gallery that creative’s and art patrons can come to in order to be inspired.

My life's journey is to spark hope in the hopeless. To inspire those who feel that they have no purpose or have been rejected the possibility of making their dreams a reality.

Kenal Louis Artist - Kenal Louis Art

My most important future contribution to others will be belief to never give up. We have faced many obstacles before in our lives and overcame them.

I will love; I will remain genuine and as well as encourage everyone who is open to receiving positive encouragement.

I will be open to the impossible. I will find my way. Through my art I will leave a legacy for my family and friends. Through art I will help guide other artists who are as lost as was when I first begin my creative journey.

I was created to be an artist and I want to spark a change in the world through art.

I create drawings everyday and work on art projects weekly. Truly, I cannot imagine doing something else other than being an artist for the rest of my life.

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