March 29, 2018

24 Free Adult Coloring Pages
24 Free Adult Coloring Pages

24 Free Adult Coloring Pages

24 Free Printable Adult Coloring Pages

The following are free adult coloring pages and are both advanced and simple line drawings you can print to color!  

You'll be able to simply click the Download button below each artwork and it will take you to the large file to print. The artworks are primarily for adults, but I don’t see why kids can't color them as well.

Scroll down to see all of the drawings and art pages.

Here is a table of contents you can use to navigate to a favorite type of coloring page if you are looking for something that has a cat theme or butterfly theme for example.

**Some of the coloring pages are missing on this page due to site changes. Will be re-updating them as soon as I can.

I’ve also taken some time to write a little bit about each page and the thought that went into the creation of the line artwork. If you are curious about why each drawing was created and want to know what inspired each piece, there will be a description below them.

I will also include some benefits of coloring pages for adults in relation to art therapy. I will cover how you can do art therapy almost anywhere and anytime. 

Free Abstract Coloring Pages for Adults

The following are abstract coloring pages I created to be seamless in their style. All four artworks are tied to one another. If you look at all four drawings you can see a progression in the shape of the line drawings.

When I am creating these types of line drawings, which are non-subjective I listen to a lot of soothing music. I listen to Jazz, Blues, Classical, and Smooth R&B music. Occasionally I share the process of the line artworks on my Instagram Stories.

Anyway, if you are looking for some cool and free abstract art coloring pages. Feel free to download these adult abstract coloring pages created with peace and patience.

Adult Abstract Coloring Pages
Adult Abstract Coloring Pages
Adult Abstract Coloring Pages

Free Circle Coloring Pages for Balance

Some people like structure and balance. What do you like? Do you like when things are symmetrical or asymmetrical? These next few coloring pages were created with circular compositions.

I was inspired to create 100 circle drawings as a series but decided I would make 1,000 instead after watching a Pablo Picasso documentary on YouTube.

Did You Know This About Picasso?

During his lifetime he created over 45,000+ artworks; these were paintings, drawings, pottery and other forms of visual art.

His cubism style also inspired the fashion industry, architecture and even vehicle designs. This was also very inspiring to me as an artist and I now saw myself creating art for the rest of my life. Even if I never made 10,000 drawings during my lifetime. After watching that video, my life changed.

What I didn’t think about:
All 1,000 circles will most likely take me 10-15 years to complete at the rate I am going. Nevertheless, I am still working on creating more circle drawings I will be sharing later for more coloring pages.

Circle Coloring Pages

Circle Coloring Pages

Free Shoe Coloring Pages for High Heel Lovers

Okay. In 2012 I started to develop a little fetish I am unashamed to share. I begin to fall in love with high heels. As a guy, it is not a common thing… At least I don’t think it’s common for most guys to express their love for heels.

I, on the other hand, everyone that knows me well know that I love high heels because I am always showing them my heels artworks.

High heels have been around for thousands of years and evolved in fashion over time. In fact, I wrote this in-depth article about fashion illustration and its history once. I learned a lot about the innovation of high heels throughout the years.

Love high heels?
Share your love for shoes as well as fashion, print, and color these free pages. When you do, take a picture and email me your completed colored drawings and I will share them on my Instagram page.

High Heel Coloring Page Free Downloads

The Benefits of Coloring:

By coloring line art illustrations you can wind down, zone out completely and get away from the world for a few minutes. The act of coloring is also great for you to relieve the stress you’ve had bundled up inside all day or all week.

Why Do Adults Love Coloring Books?

Something is very relaxing and Zen about coloring pages. There are thousands of coloring pages for adults online and for kids online for free. Also, you can find hundreds of coloring books you can buy on Amazon and other bookstores.

Art Therapy Improved Recognition

The inclusion of expressive arts in therapy is one of the important approaches to the psychosocial and physical care of patients. This is also an important milestone in the increasing recognition of integrative approaches to reparation and recovery.

You Can Art Anywhere:
Art therapy is a portable form of therapy and one that can be practiced alone without the support of a therapist when necessary (though it’s always recommended to enlist the help of a professional art therapist whenever possible).

How This Collection Will Help You:

By using any of these pages to color, you can take a break from the overwhelming world of Social media or get a break from electronic devices, which is good. This can also help you concentrate better the more you do it. I’ve found that over time the more I do something the better I get at it.

For example growing up as a child my hands used to shake a lot when I drew lines, but the more I drew the better I got over time. Coloring on coloring pages is the same way. The more you color the better your sense of color harmony, color blending and control gets.

Subconsciously you even develop skills that you wouldn’t believe that you actually could. Focus and awareness of details around you also become sharper.

Coloring Art Used For Therapy

Whether you are aware of this or not, whenever you color in your coloring book you are doing so for therapy. Some people don’t realize how it helps them. Continue reading and you will learn how else coloring pages are a form of therapy.

More Benefits of Coloring:

As an artist, I find it very therapeutic when I am in the process of creating the line drawings for the artwork that you see. In the same way, I know that some people find it also very therapeutic coloring pages of line art during their spare time.

Art has been used in therapy for many years to treat individuals through a form of psychotherapy. Certain individuals love going to the museum not only for inspiration but also as a form of therapy for themselves.

Looking at pictures sometimes and thinking about why an artist created them is such a mystery. If you've ever taken art history or an art class you probably learned about the "Lascaux Cave". The paintings on the cave's ceilings and walls are said to be up to 20,000 years old.

It's amazing to think human beings have been around that long on this planet and also started to paint even back then.

Some artist especially master painters understood the connection human beings had two colors and do the innovated certain art styles created there are in a way to make a person feel connected to their pieces.

Healing of Art:

Although art doesn’t cure diseases, it can help individuals cope with anxiety or other tensions better. Art therapy has even helped improve cancer conditions in patients who paint or do other creative activities. (Research from City of Hope)

Another organization like the Cancer Research UK mentions that art therapy helps with learning disabilities, eating disorders, improve relationships, and fight depression.

I’ve found myself coming home from a very stressful day and after drawing or painting for a while, I felt better about myself and my situation.

Now that I’ve shared all of this insight with you take a look at more pages you can download and enjoy coloring.

Free Coloring Music Pages

They say that music makes the world go round. Can you imagine a world without music? I can’t. The same way I cannot imagine a world without art.

These creative ways of expression inspire us more than we are aware of. Music is all around us.

It doesn’t matter whether your favorite genre is pop, rock, heavy metal, hip-hop or country. We all have a song or music that we feel connected to in some way. What inspired me to create these music coloring pages is my admiration for music.

I even begin writing music and recording vocals in 2008. The genre I started writing was Pop and R&B. You can actually listen to one of my love songs below called "Better Man".

If you are more interested in music than anything else, enjoy these free music coloring pages for adults.

"Better Man" - Kenal Louis

Free Coloring Heart Pages

The human heart is such a complex thing. For years the heart has been described many different ways. This idea that all our hearts are different metaphorically inspired these human heart illustrations. A heart can be dark, light, fragile, cold, broken, fearful and full of pride.

There are so many ways the heart can be characterized. So I took this concept, which is not completely new and made it my own. Love human heart artworks? Here are some cool hearts drawing page you can also download for free to color.

Free Cat Coloring Pages

Cats are the most popular pets on the planet. The battle between cats and gods is never-ending. Growing up I always loved cats and my parents always had cat pets around the house. Cats are the cutest pets in the world… Okay, I guess there are some super cute puppies as well, but we are talking about cats.

I created these whimsical and simple cat drawings for cat lovers. Love coloring and cats? Download these free cat coloring pages. The more people that visit this page and download these cat drawing pages I will continue to create more coloring pages with cat themes.

Want to see more coloring pages of animals? Leave a comment below of what animal I should draw and add to this page.

Free Butterfly Coloring Pages

You give me butterflies. I give you butterflies. These beautiful small creatures are very symbolic animals. They are a representation of grace.

Butterflies for years have been said to represent the soul, time, change, growth, expression, celebration, and vulnerability.

Deep Meaning of The Butterfly:

Did you know that the butterfly represents life? Many religions and faiths believe this creature is the reincarnation of individuals in the afterlife and some believe it is a pure representation of the human soul as mentioned before. These are some of the deepest meanings I’ve learned about the butterfly over recent years.

Download the free printable adult coloring pages.

The Emotional Power That Lies In Art:

The Impressionist art movement is one of the greatest forms of art that have this power. From the time of Impressionism came abstract art. Then from abstract art came contemporary forms of art. Art is ever evolving.

Whether you are a skilled artist or just someone who loves art, taking on a hobby of coloring pages are a great way to express yourself and relax.

If you’d like to see some more free adult coloring pages, leave a comment below of what you would like to see on this page or the website.

Pick whichever page you love the most, download and start coloring. When I am not creating illustration to sell as art prints I create drawings that I share for free like these.

You have the time… sent me an email with your fully colored page ad I will be glad to share it on my Facebook or Instagram page. I may even include it on my blog.

If you found this list of free printable coloring pages valuable and fun, please share it on Facebook or Pinterest below:

Looking for free printable coloring pages for adults and kids? Here is a collection of cool, abstract, fun, and creative adult coloring pages you can download. The pages are both advanced and easy illustrations to color. Visit the website to print these free coloring pages and start coloring today. #coloringpages #adultcoloring #coloringforadults #heartart Looking for free printable coloring pages for adults and kids? Here is a collection of cool, abstract, fun, and creative adult coloring pages you can download. The pages are both advanced and easy illustrations to color. Visit the website to print these free coloring pages and start coloring today. #coloringpages #adultcoloring #coloringforadults #heartart Looking for free printable coloring pages for adults and kids? Here is a collection of cool, abstract, fun, and creative adult coloring pages you can download. The pages are both advanced and easy illustrations to color. Visit the website to print these free coloring pages and start coloring today. #coloringpages #adultcoloring #coloringforadults #heartart Looking for free printable coloring pages for adults and kids? Here is a collection of cool, abstract, fun, and creative adult coloring pages you can download. The pages are both advanced and easy illustrations to color. Visit the website to print these free coloring pages and start coloring today. #coloringpages #adultcoloring #coloringforadults #heartart
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