3D High Heel Art: Luxury Stiletto Heels Artwork by Kenal Louis

3D High Heel Art

January 30


The following is a high heel 3d concept I created as part of a personal art challenge. I've had a passion for drawing shoes for several years and just getting into the 3D art world, I wanted to make sneakers and high heels. Take a look at the design in a variety of color schemes I found pleasing to look at visually.

3D high heel Design
high heel 3D Design

Color Set of The 3D High Heel Artwork Collection

3D High Heel Art Red and Burgundy
3D High Heel Art Orange and Red
3D High Heel Art Yellow
3D High Heel Art Blue and Yellow
3D High Heel Art Teal and Nude
3D High Heel Art Green and Gold

Purple, Light Pink, and Cocoa Colored Heels

3D High Heel Art Purple Pink
3D High Heel Art Light Pink and Silver
3D High Heel Art Cocoa
3D High Heel Art Brown Pattern

Footwear Designer: Open to 3D Design Contract Work

Are you a fashion designer looking for a unique 3D high heel designer to hire to create a rendered collection for your manufacturer? Feel free to reach out and we will schedule a consultation call. If I am a good fit for the project I can make you an offer depending on what the budget for this project is.

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