Taurus T-shirts Collection

Taurus T-Shirts: The Most Creative Zodiac T-Shirts You’ll Love

The most creative Taurus T-shirts collection you'll find online. A perfect shirt for the Taurus woman, with an Afrocentric and creative art direction. Shop and own any of these editions of the "Taurus Beauty" artwork today.  

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Taurus T-shirts | Black and White Original Artwork

My Experience With The Taurus

Every interaction I’ve had with a Taurus has been a positive experience. I myself am a Scorpio, but I’ve always had good relationships/experiences with the Taurus zodiac sign.

In fact, one of my siblings is a Taurus and we are really close. He’s always been supportive of me regardless of what dream or vision I had that I wanted to pursue.

I believe it is not only because he is my brother, but because of many things. This includes the fact that he is with Taurus, has a faith that he believes in, and is also a passionate dreamer himself.

Zodiac T-shirts Collection | The Taurus

Taurus T-shirts

The Taurus Traits

  • Dependable
  • Bold
  • Driven
  • Persistent
  • Loyal
  • Trustworthy
  • Reliable
  • Patient
  • Generous

This zodiac sign is said to be reliable, devoted, stable, responsible, patient, and practical.

Again from my experience with the Taurus, I’ve known are generally pretty laid-back. According to this article by Zodiac Fire, this zodiac Despite being considered an aggressive or angry sign they love to take time away to enjoy your life and relax.

They are strong and resilient. However, they are not bulls all the time. Being provoked the Taurus can fire back and they will do so aggressively.

This sign is also great for advice because of their practical mine. The Taurus keep is real and can often come across as being blunt, but it’s their nature, to be honest, and straightforward. Take a look at the article by zodiac fire to learn more in-depth about the Taurus personality and their traits in-depth.

Taurus T-shirts

The Golden Taurus Shirt

Wear this golden t-shirt to show your boldness as a Taurus. It is one of the 6 edition of t-shirts I've created to represent the Taurus.

Taurus T-shirts

Pink Edition: Taurus T-shirt

Taurus T-shirts

Zodiac T-Shirt Collection

Taurus T-shirts

Passion For Art

Every day I create a sketch or a drawing to express an idea that I have in mind. I try not to let any ideas sit for too long and do my best to act on them by either creating for drawings or at least small sketches.

I’ve been drawing since I was four years old and 20+ years later I am still doing a lot of drawing. The influences for the artwork that I create are Jean Michel Basquiat, Pablo Picasso, Hokusai Katsushika and Jackson Pollock.

Young Kenal

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Leo Beauty Black Gold Edition

Aquarius Beauty Black Gold Edition

Aquarius Beauty Black Gold Edition

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