Beautiful Swan Wall Art That Will Make Your Kid’s Room Unique

Swan Wall Art Prints

November 3


Beautiful Swan Wall Art That Will Make Your Kid’s Room Unique

This is a collection of beautiful swan wall art that will make your kid's room unique and lively. The swan is a symbol of love, grace, purity, beauty, dreams and more.

These artworks will bring positive energy and a uniqueness to your kids room. 

On this page you will find a series of swan wall decor in a distinctive style done with ink pen on paper. 

Art Subject: The Swan Bird
Medium: Ink Pen on Paper, Digital Coloring

Original Drawing Paper: Bristol Board 9x12 in  Vellum
Art Genre: Line Art

Swan Wall Art
Swan Wall Art

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Learn about the symbolism or the swan artwork and the meaning behind the wonderful creature.

My Passion is Art and My Purpose Is To Create Art

In fact it wasn’t until I started doing research about the swan for this page that I realize the significance of the artwork in relation to my life.

At the time of the dream I was on a search spiritually and working on my strengthening my own spirit.

As an artist I am always pushing myself to create something different and new. This is quite a difficult task because of the millions of artist they are in the world who expressed himself visually to the aircraft.

However, I believe that we all have a different vision and I learned from a photographer that people are drawn to us because of our point of view. Our point of view is all unique.

The First Pair of Swan Art

Swan Wall Decor Art Print
Swan Wall Art Decor

Drawing Style

This style of art that I create on paper I don’t necessarily have defined. All of my artworks and drawings are initially inspired by my infatuation with lines.

I believe subconsciously when I am drawing that I allow the lines to have their own way and to move in the way that they want. My hands are purely flowing in sync of the natural flow of lines.

In the composition I also use a lot of space element like stars and small galaxies to give the artwork Celestial feel.

A Creative Multi

I have been lost for a short period of time. I thought I wanted to record music and another period of time I thought I wanted to be a fashion photographer. All of these things are still a part of who I am, but they are not what I want to do for the rest of my life.

I know, this is a little bit confusing but if you practice multiple mediums and I know you will understand and most likely relate to what I just said.

I learned from a man that this trait is called being a multi. When you as an individual practice many different forms of genres to express your creativity, you are a creative multi.

Meanings of The Swan

Swan Meanings

Here is a list of meanings in symbolism associated with the swan.

Symbolism of The Swan

Swans represent grace as well as beauty. The creature is often referred to in many various forms of art and literature like poetry.

In the Romans mythology the swan was a bird that the goddess Venus cherished. In the Greeks mythology as well as their culture it is often illustrated singing along with a lyre.

Swans in Shamanism:

In shamanism the swan is a bird that represent love, intuition, self transformation and have to ability to visit other worlds. In other words this is one mystical bird. It is also described as an emotional representation which can allow one to develop their intuition and except their transformation.

Bird of The Air, Earth and Water:
Some other symbolic meanings for the swan include fluidity, creativity and dreaming. There is a balance that this one brings between earth, the air, and water.

The Swan In Different Cultures

Japanese and Chinese culture in relation to the swan:

In the mythology of China and Japan the swan is often seen as a bird of the sun, a celebrity. In certain folktales in Japan they are referred to as angelic birds which reside in heaven.

The swan in Hinduism

The goddess Saraswati in Hindu culture rides a swan. The bird in their culture also symbolize self realization and knowledge.

The Second Pair of Swan Wall Art

There are a few month gaps between the creation of the first two swan art decor in this series and the recent two created. I had no intention of making this a series, but it developed on its own to be a small body of work. I really like the composition in each one of them and think I will make this an on-going art series like my African mask artworks.

Swan Wall Decor
Swan Wall Art Print

Swan Time Lapse - Speed Drawing of Swan

The following time-lapse is of the swan art from the series. I made a decision to create a lot more speed drawings of my work to show the process of the creation.

For me it can take 4 to 10 hours drawing on a piece of paper, but even when I am watching the videos myself it’s a bit unreal to think that the process can be sped up for anyone to see entire creative creation.

Swan Speed Drawing

Swan Speed Drawing

Did You Know This About The Black and White Swan?

Black swans represent power of romance and equality while the white swan symbolizes purity in regards to their colors. I have yet to create a drawing of a black swan, but I have plenty of creative ideas running through my head right now.

The Colorful Swan Wall Art Collection

Swan Wall Art
Swan Wall Art
Swan Wall Art
Swan Wall Artwork
Swan Wall Artworks

Like many of the creatures that I’ve selected to research and create artwork of, the swan is one of the more mystical birds I developed a fascination for. The swan is widely talked about in Britain and has a niche specific amount of people who adore the bird.

Swan of My Dreams

I had a dream of a swan a few years back and I never looked into the meaning of the Swan in dreams. Spirit Animal Totem created this thoughtful post about what it means if a swan comes into your dream.

At the time I had no idea the significance in the meaning of the swan in my dream. I didn’t realize the symbolic representation of the bird in my life at the time.

A Free Swan Background!

If you actually made it through reading this entire page, here is a free swan wallpaper with some positive affirmation for yourself. You have all of these regardless what adversary you face today or tomorrow.

It doesn't matter what come your way I believe you can overcome the challenge. Feel free to save this background for your tablet, laptop or desktop.

The Free Swan Wallpaper : 1600x1200 pixels
Click the banner and then right click and save if on a computer. Mobile devices direction will vary.

Free Swan Wallpaper
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