Sugar Skull T-shirt Artwork: Day Of The Day T-shirt Collection You'll Love

The following are are collection of creative sugar skull t-shirt artworks and designs inspired by the Day of The Dead. Day of the Dead and possible the next year celebration t-shirts. Own any of these creative t-shirts today!

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The First Los Muertos T-Shirt Artwork

Creating The Sugar Skull T-Shirt Artwork

When I thought of creating the sugar skull inspired t-shirt designs, at first I was only thinking of creating a cool skull artwork. I don't draw skulls much often at all. In fact, I think the last skull artwork I created before this drawing was probably 5-8 years ago even before this one from 2016.

As a child I was somewhat scared of skulls. I just thought it was creepy and over the years my perception of skulls changed. Growing up I realized the many symbolism behind it and also came to a balanced understanding that skulls are nothing to be afraid of. Every human being living and alive have a skull and we are complex beings in every way.

Sugar Skull T-shirt Art | Black and White Skull Artwork

Day of The Dead

Although the Day of The Dead "Día de los Muertos" is celebrated a day after Halloween the Mexican holiday has a much deeper meaning. It is nothing like Halloween in the sense to scare people or to be a horrific inspired event. This Mexican holiday is purely to celebrate and honor the dearly departed for of color, music, and creativity.

Red and Yellow Sugar Skull T-Shirt

This red and yellow skull t-shirt was the first color combination I tried and from there I experimented with a few other color schemes. As you continue on down the page you will also see some colors combined with gold.

Turquoise Sugar Skull Art

Red and Black Sugar Skull T-Shirt Art

Majority of the color combinations used are friendly, the red and black one is probably the darkest tone and feel. To be honest I believe red and red have such a strong emotion behind the colors alone. Combining this with a skull only accents that feeling/art direction.

Black and Yellow Sugar Skull T-Shirt Artwork

Black and Yellow Sugar Skull T-Shirt Artwork

Black and Yellow Sugar Skull T-Shirt

Black and Yellow Sugar Skull T-Shirt

Black and Yellow Sugar Skull T-Shirt

Sugar Skull T-shirts

The Gold Los Muertos T-Shirt Designs

Purple Gold Sugar Skull Art

Sugar Skull Shirt Collection

Sugar Skull Shirt Collection

Decorated Skull Shirt

Decorated Skull Shirt

Day of The Dead Shirt

Los Muertos T-Shirt

Los Muertos T-Shirt

Whether your favorite color is yellow, purple, pink or blue there are a wide variety of the designs to shop from in the store. If you found a design you love, show some support by going to the store to get the shirt that you want. 

Neon Pink Sugar Skull
Blue Gold Sugar Skull

The Neon Pink Sugar Skull T-shirt

Sugar Skull T-shirt

Passion For Art
Every day I create a sketch or a drawing to express an idea that I have in mind. I try not to let any ideas sit for too long and do my best to act on them by either creating for drawings or at least small sketches.

I’ve been drawing since I was four years old and 20+ years later I am still doing a lot of drawing. The influences for the artwork that I create are Jean Michel Basquiat, Pablo Picasso, Hokusai Katsushika and Jackson Pollock.

Young Kenal

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Sugar Skull T-shirt Designs Sugar Skull T-shirt Designs Sugar Skull T-shirt Designs Sugar Skull T-shirt Designs

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