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Rihanna Art prints

May 30


Project Duration: 56 hours 31 minutes

Are you a fan of Rihanna looking for Rihanna wall art prints that will inspire you? Take a look at this Rihanna art collection. Own any of these beautiful gold Rihanna artworks today.

The following Rihanna artwork art piece was created by me Kenal Louis, an illustrator and visual artist based in the Midwest. The artwork is part of a royalty series I begin creating in 2016.

Where do I begin? At the start of 2016, I decide to create a series of illustrations of entertainers, public figures I admire, and local models that I’ve worked with.

Rihanna Art

The Rihanna Wall Art Sketch Drawing

Rihanna Wall Art Prints Sketch
Rihanna Wall Art Prints Sketch

The Thought Process Behind The Rihanna Artwork Illustration

For a while, I had in the back of my mind to create an illustration based on Rihanna. It wasn’t until the middle of September when an idea came to mind; it came naturally.

Once the idea was in my head, I knew exactly what I wanted to do and how I wanted to portray Rihanna.

Below you will find the sketch drawing I created of the Rihanna artwork as a guide for what I envisioned. Of course, I had ideas that came along as I produced the artwork and ideas that I scratched out completely.

All of the illustrations thus far in the royalty art series have required research on each of the individuals I illustrated. As a fan of Rihanna's music as well as her image I knew that she was an island girl who loves carnivals.

With this in mind, I decided to create her as the center focus with carnival wings surrounded by gold.

In the sketch, you will notice elements that you do not see in the final complete illustration at the bottom of the page.

Rihanna Wall Art Prints Sketch

Rihanna Wall Art Prints Sketch Colored

The Rihanna Artwork Illustration Digital Painting Process

The Rihanna Artwork From 2011

From the sketch, I begin to apply the base colors I wanted to focus on immediately. 

I thought about painting the wings white, but progressively as I worked on the project more ideas came to mind. In the following image, you will also notice I had the rough sketches of the Pisces fish in purple as well as yellow. This also changed once I got to the point where I started working on the fish for the illustration.

Rihanna Wall Art Prints

In 2011 I created the following Rihanna drawing. At the time I was extremely pleased with the artwork because it was not something I was capable of doing that well.

I believed this was my best celebrity portrait, but I have evolved as an artist since then. The latest artwork I produced of the beauty is a testament to that.

Rihanna Wall Art Piece Details

The Most Creative Rihanna Artwork Created by Digital Artist and Illustrator Kenal Louis of The Megastar Musician Rihanna.

Rihanna Wall Art Prints

All of the illustrations that I've composed and produced for the series so far are also representational to each subjects Zodiac; this is one of the main reasons I place them in the foreground with the galaxy and star in the background.

Each artwork is unique in their ways due to color selection, lighting and the components that make up the artwork.

Some of the pieces include things that I've discovered about the subjects. For the Rihanna art piece, it is the wings that I gave her that makes this artwork stand apart from the other illustrations I've created.

From Base Color To Value

After the based colors were applied, I begin to work on the shadows as well as highlights for the figure. The face took roughly 11 hours to work on. It must be noted that this project took the longest amount of time to create because I wanted it to be unique truly as well as the best it could be. All of all the project's duration was 56 hours and 31 minutes in production.

Not rushing to finish the illustrations I start is something I take to heart. I believe in investing time in the work you create if you are an artist. Rushed artwork may not always be clear to the viewers, but the artist always know when they could have done a better job in the creation of their work.

All About The Details

Understanding value and applying value when dealing with portraiture is a major key factor in getting the facial expression of a subject right.

For the artwork, I have to use several images and angles to see how Rihanna's lips, eyes, and nose were shaped. At first, I believe I had her chin a bit more round than it was. Later, I would revise her chin to have it a bit more accurate.

Rihanna Wall Art Print Detail

Rihanna Wall Art Print Detail

I also challenged myself to push in the detail work of this illustration. I did something with the skin that I had not done in the previous art pieces from the royalty art series. Seriously, you can even see some of the tiny chin hairs and faint microscopic hairs around the nose.

The Amount of Work

A lot of time went into the creation of the Rihanna artwork. The details from the gold places on her body, the wings, and feathers to the skin texture all took time.

Not sure how many days I spent reviewing the artwork before making the final selection, but I know I put a great deal of effort into creating the digital art illustration.

With my experience doing beauty photography as well as photo retouching I learned that is imperative to give your eyes a rest after sitting in front of a computer screen working on something for hours.

This is exactly what I ended up doing for this project because I did not want to rush the creative process, which took a course of 2 weeks to complete.

Parts of the Rihanna Digital Painting Elements

Red and Blue

The red and blue fish were inspired by the concept of the "red and blue pill" from The Matrix; The red and blue bill, which signified balance and the personality or character traits of the Pisces; one of the traits being "artistic."

Each fish I also created to be uncommon and abnormal visually because I see Rihanna as an attractive figure and she is a rebellious beauty.

The idea of a fish having a third eye symbolizes "intuition," which is also a trait Pisces are said to have. With accents of gold, I wanted to emphasize the luxurious aspect of the entire project.

Rihanna Wall Art Prints  - Blue Fish

Blue Fish

Rihanna Wall Art Prints  - Red Fish

Red Fish

African Mask From The Rihanna Artwork

African Mask From The Rihanna Artwork

Tribal African Masks

Although Rihanna in this illustration is already dressed in gold as well as surrounded by it, I thought the Zodiac fish in this piece should also carry something as rich and yet materialistic as gold.

I could write an essay describing the thought process behind the blue fish, but I will leave the rest to your interpretation. You can click on the images below to the see the fish in detail.

Much of black culture is lost, and much was never cared for to be preserved. I've never traveled to the motherland of Africa, but being born in the Caribbean I know that much of the art culture in the islands was inspired by old knowledge black/slave artists.

Certainly, their influence came from the countries they were taken from. The masks below represent the mystery as well as the history behind black culture today on an international level.

I think the illustration would be missing a lot if I did not include some elements of music notes somewhere in the Rihanna illustration.

The Tribal Mask

Illustrating the tribal mask came from inspiration of wanting to represent ancestry in the artwork.

I took some time to work on the jewelry I designed to put on Rihanna in this artwork. From her armband, bracelet, choker, and necklace. In the Illustration the henna inspired tattoo was also something I researched and found reference photographs to draw from.

The Final Details From The Rihanna Digital Painting

After Rihanna had got this tattoo, many of her fans and others who only follow her fashion trends adopted the idea.

The Complete Rihanna Wall Art Illustration

Rihanna Wall Art Prints Limited Edition

I often post steps and sequence shots on the social networks that I use to share my art with the world. You can follow me any or all of the following social media sites if you have an account for them.

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