Pride Beauty T-Shirt: An Alluring and Dreamy Pride Illustration

Pride Beauty T-shirt by Kenal Louis

June 13


Pride Graphic Tee

Pride Beauty T-shirt - Available on Teepublic.

The following pride artwork is called "Pride Beauty." It is part of an ongoing pride art series I've been creating whenever I feel inspired. I've had an unbelievably get response for the "Pride Heart" I created a few years back. 

I wanted to make something unique, beautiful, vibrant, and bold with pride beauty, and that was also captivating.

Suppose you love the illustration and want to get an art print, t-shirt, or stickers. You can visit the shop below.

Pride T-shirts
Pride T-shirts
Pride T-shirt
When I think of what Pride means to me, Pride represents hope, change, growth, and perseverance.

What is pride awareness critical? Why is pride month important?

To be simply put, as human beings, we are behavioral beings. We learn things on purpose and sometimes through habits.
For any progress of change to be made as a society, the bulk of most people in that society must be willing to adapt, learn, and grow.

To change for the better, we must be open to listening and understanding each others' points of view. Having empathy goes a long way in this process as well.

Pride Freedom

A lot of people are stuck in their old ways and are stubborn to accept change. No person would want their rights or freedom stripped from them. Pride awareness is essential because we can always learn something new about the multiple aspects of what LGBTQ people face and go through.

Each individual already has their challenges in life. To be queer, gay, lesbian, and transgender comes with additional obstacles. These obstacles are not only politically or externally but also internal. Hence, awareness and development are continually needed.

As an artist, I create artworks to inspire others in many ways. Suppose my pride drawings and illustrations can open someone's mind or lead to something positive. I will continue to create the best works I can in support of my LGBTQ friends and colleagues.
Pride Beauty T-shirt
Pride Beauty T-shirt
Pride T-shirt
Pride T-shirt
pride t-shirts collection

Take a selfie with the pride beauty t-shirt and email me the selfie at kenallouis(at), and I will share it on my Pinterest story Instagram story if you have any of these social media accounts. Be sure to include your handle, and I will tag you when I share it. 

A SHARE goes a long way. So, THANK YOU in advance.

Thank you if you made it this far down the page! If you cannot purchase a shirt to support my art, please share this page via Pinterest or Facebook. 

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Pride Graphic Tees
Pride Graphic T-shirts
Pride Beauty T-Shirt: An Alluring and Dreamy Pride Illustration

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