17 Of The Most Unique Pen Drawings Art Perfect For Your Home

Pen Drawings Art Collection

April 22



The following are 17 of the most unique pen drawings art collection for you and your home. Bring an inspiring and creative energy to your already wonderful home with these contemporary drawings. 

This is also the second set from my collection of pen and ink drawings, which I've also previously blogged on the website.

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Pen Drawings Art Collection

The "Chaussure Abstract" From The Pen Drawings Art Collection

"Chaussure Abstract" is a line I created after taking an introduction to drawing course at the local college. Although I have been drawing for several years and since I was a toddler, I've always found exercises at school a way to push yourself to develop as an artist.

I do not hold a master in fine arts... nor do I believe one needs a masters degree to be an artist or simply creative. I believe it is up to the individual to want to learn and develop their skills as an artist. This line drawing was the beginning of my obsession with high heels.

The way high heels are structured is a beautiful thing. Lately, I find myself on Pinterest re-pinning a lot of fashion illustration drawings and beautiful high heels.

Pen Drawings Art Collection

"Wise Owl And Ageless Skull" Line Art Drawing

The following line drawing "Wise Owl and Ageless Skull" is an art piece created to represent wisdom and immortality. The artwork is balanced through contrast and is something mystical as well as spiritual. If you love owls and you love skulls, what can be better? The illustrations is an artwork of enlightenment, but some may find it slightly strange.

However, it is perceived is fine because art is not meant to be one specific way. Although there are principals to design and elements in art that I do recommend every artist to continue to practice as well as studying on their own.

Pen Drawings Art Collection

The "Lost Flamingo" Line Art Illustration

"Lost Flamingo" was created after I drew an illustration for my favorite indie rock and live music band in the Omaha, Nebraska. The band from the area is called Pancho and The Contraband.

After I drew an artwork for a t-shirt artwork for the band of a flamingo, I was inspired to create the "Lost Flamingo" illustration.

The flamingo is a beautiful creature and in this line artwork, I wanted to make it the primary focus, without making it to contrast to where the flamingo stood out too much.

Pen Drawings Art Collection

The "Seven Cats in Tokyo" From The Pen Drawings Art Collection

As I mentioned earlier, upon first gazing at iconic artist Hokusai Katsushika’s Wave paintings series. My inspiration came from the famed Japanese artist since I started to learn about art history a few years back. In an earlier blog post, I mentioned that art is interpreted through the creator and beauty is defined by the creator as well as the viewers.

Pen Drawings Art Collection

The "Seven Cats in Paris" Line Art Illustration

Cats other than man's best friend, the dog are among the cutest pets we can have. They have also been around since the Ancient Egyptian rulers still dwell on the earth. Humans have been good at domesticating animals since inhabiting the earth.

Truly, there is a natural order to things. I don't suppose there will ever be a time where the creatures of the world domesticate us or become our masters. Unless you believe in some sort of apocalypse or alien invasion.

Now, this is up for debate."Seven Cats in Paris" is a variation of the "Seven Cats in Tokyo" line art piece.

Pen Drawings Art Collection

The "Deep Thoughts" Pen Drawing

"Deep Thoughts" is an implied nude art piece I created in between the period I was drawing a lot of nude line drawings. In the drawing, the female character and figure is in deep meditation and is surrounded by nature as well as chaos. Something's need to be unlocked, but they can only be unlocked to prayer and meditation.

Pen Drawings Art Collection

The "Fertility" Ink Drawing

The whole is naturally fertile. "Fertility" represents a small part of a process, which is required in conception. I was not a hundred percent sure on this drawing because I felt like it was weirdly balanced.

Pen Drawings Art Collection

"Locked Heart" From The Pen Drawings Art Collection

The "Locked Heart Surrounded by Roses" line drawing was inspired by one of my sister in laws. She thought the heart shape would make a cool artwork in the style that I created these drawings. I combined crystallized elements, a diamond, and roses as well as leaves in the overall composition to make it something cool.

The "KB 24" Line Art Illustration

Kobe Bryant is the greatest Los Angeles Laker basketball player ever. I believe right next to Michael Jordan he is the best shooting guard to ever play the game relentlessly. I created this drawing the day after watching his final game on TV.

A Legendary Basketball Player

This "KB 24" Kobe Bryant drawing is a tribute to the basketball star and the greatest guard to ever play in his era. After 20 years of playing with his full heart, he completes his journey and retires as a Laker. I thought it was only fitting as a Kobe fan to draw his signature sneaker, memorable numbers, and symbol.

Pen Drawings Art Collection

The "Korean Goddess" Line Art Illustration

I've had an interest in learning the Korean language for a while. I find myself starting and stopping because of all of the things life throw at you sometimes. This line drawing is part of my 1,000 circles series, which is an ongoing series.

I wanted the character to have a veil for purity shielding her beauty. Surrounded by magic and the universe, my goal was to make her a goddess. These were some of the thoughts behind this circle line drawing.

Pen Drawings Art Collection

2015 was the first year I bought my first pair of Vans shoes. The shoes are amazingly comfortable, especially when needing something comfy to take to work with you all day. Also a part of my 1,000 circles drawing series.

Originally titled "Art Circle Vans". The drawing was created shortly after I bought these Vans shoes. The inspiration came from my purchase of the shoes. I have hopes to one day design a shoe for a major shoe company like Vans, Nike, and Converse.

Pen Drawings Art Collection

The "Circle of String"  

"Circle of Strings" is another render of my original "Strings" drawing, but instead of the electronic violin, I decided to keep the violin traditional. The value of music is truly priceless, although we as consumers will spend money on a music streaming service like Spotify, by music on Amazon and iTunes.

I wanted to express the richness of classical music, that is not the most popular form of music widely playing on the radio. Music is universal and to be honest, I am not sure what life would be like if we did not have music to use as a form of therapy and for entertainment.

Black and White Living Room Wall Art

Black and White Living Room Wall Art Decor

Pen Drawings Art Collection

The "Dancing To Human Nature" Line Art Illustration

In this drawing " Dancing To Human Nature " was inspired by music and the art of dancing. The art piece illustrates a ballet dancer dancing to the music notes of Michael Jackson's "Human Nature".

In the background, the eyes of the king of pop watch over her as she moves to the sound of his music. The drawing was intended to illustrate the balance between music and dancing for the ballet dancer.

Michael Jackson left the world with many musical gifts. He was one of the most controversial figures, but also the most loved musician in the world internationally.

Michael's music sparked a lot of change in the world. His dancing also inspired many to want to dance and be like Mike. This artwork is a symbol of all of this.

Pen Drawings Art Collection

The "Transparent Heart" From The Art Collection

"Transparent Heart" is one of the many heart line drawings I've created from my heart drawing series. The illustration contains many different directions in line work.

There are not many subject matters or elements incorporated in the drawing, but because of the diverse weight and line directions, it appears to be quite detailed.

Pen Drawings Art Collection

"Lady In Red" Artwork

The line drawing of the "Lady In Red" was the first artwork I created to start the year of 2015 after moving to Louisiana for a year. I spent 8-10 weeks training for a job at the time to where I could not create art as freely as I wanted to.

Once all of the training was complete and I finished moving, the first thing I worked on was this large drawing of the "Lady In Red".

I used a variety of different types of patterns to frame the beauty of the female figure in this art piece. Finding a balance is not always the easiest thing to do with an artwork unless it is completely symmetrical, but finding it within an asymmetrical composition is even more difficult sometimes. After a few hours of focus, I completed this artwork to my liking.

Pen Drawings Art Collection

The "Red Wave of Thoughts" 

"Red Wave of Thoughts" is one of the waves of thoughts artworks I created subconsciously guided by my hands. Creating these type of line drawings was completely random in direction and movement.

I have had viewers who saw the art pieces and mentioned that there was a lot of movement in the drawings. I have to agree they are right; my purpose was not to make the eye move around as much in the drawings, but the final product definitely has that impact on the viewer.

Black and White Living Room Wall Art
Pen Drawings Art Collection

"Golden Eye In Wave of Thoughts" The Final Artwork

The "Golden Eye In Wave of Thoughts" is a different variation of the "Red Wave of Thoughts". In a previous blog, I talk about the “Wave Of Thoughts” and how it derives from the stream of consciousness I have as a creative person.

Wherever my hand moves on a canvas or paper my mind also follows. With an open mind to what shapes and textures are formed from my drawing at the moment. In poetry or music, the words written sometimes carry subliminal messages and purposes are not always obvious.

This is also something I have adopted as an artist in order to leave viewers to their own interpretation of my art.

About The Collection of Pen Drawings 

What did it take to create all of these drawings?  

  1. A lot of Discipline
  2. A lot of Love
  3. A lot of Passion
  4. A lot of Creativity
  5. A lot of Time.

How Much Time Did It Take To Create These Art Pieces?

Each line drawing took an average of four hours to complete. If you take that number multiplied by the number of pieces in this article, it would be an equivalent of 240 hours over the past three years.

As a visual artist and graphic designer, I believe it is very important to pay attention to detail and put your best effort in whatever it is you create. The true value of your work is determined by the energy and effort you put into your craft.

4 Year-old Me

4 Year-old Me

I was four-years-old when I fell in love with art. Again, I did not go to school to study visual arts. However, every year and even still today I make it a personal goal to get better as an artist.

Being creative and skillful required time as well as self-development. Once I understood those two things, I saw my art progress over time. 

My Passion For Art Started A Long Time Ago

So far what I've been passionate about have lead me many wonderful places; it hasn't made me millions yet because it was never about the business aspect of it. I always focused on just creating and doing my best to produce the most beautiful art I had the capability of creating.

Although, business or service is important to live as an artist. Over the past years, I've worked in retail as manager to have a sustainable income, but also, provide freelance graphic design services for independent musicians and small business owners.  

It wasn't until 2016 I realize everything else was a distraction and not truly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. 

With your support I can get closer to that dream being an artist full-time. If you can purchase a print, I would be ever grateful. Can't support through a print, please at least share this page.

This Is The Conclusion of The 17 Pen Drawings Art Collection

Prints are available of matte paper, canvas, metal and more materials. The art store features over 150 of my drawings and paintings. The store contains some of my original acrylic paintings, oil paintings, and digital paintings. There are many subject base art and abstract non-subjective artworks available as well for purchase.

Pen Drawings Wall Art
17 of the most unique pen drawings art collection for you and your home. Bring an inspiring and creative energy to your already wonderful home with these contemporary drawings. Shop these beautiful pen and ink drawings with 20% OFF prints at kenallouis.com #inkdrawings #pendrawings #wallart #wallartprints 17 of the most unique pen drawings art collection for you and your home. Bring an inspiring and creative energy to your already wonderful home with these contemporary drawings. Shop these beautiful pen and ink drawings with 20% OFF prints at kenallouis.com #inkdrawings #pendrawings #wallart #wallartprints

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