Octopus T-Shirt Design: The Most Creative Gift Ideas For Octopus Lovers

May 4


Octopus T-shirt Design


The following is an octopus t-shirt design collection perfect for gift ideas for octopus lovers. Browse through the creative t-shirt design of the octopus, which is also symbolic to the wonderful creature.

"Royal Octopus" is an illustration I created to be a piece that can be both wearable and creative. Each piece and the colors selected for the octopus t-shirts were inspired by the symbolism of the octopus. The artworks were also created to express different moods.

Shop and own the most symbolic and beautiful octopus t-shirt out there. The original artwork was created with pen and ink on Bristol board paper.

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Learn about the t-shirts and to see all of the variations available.

The First Octopus T-Shirt Design 

Octopus T-shirt Design
Octopus T-shirt Design

The octopus is one of the most symbolic creatures on the planet. Previously I created the octopus artwork for wall art display but decided to also make the octopus available on T-shirts.

The piece is called “Royalty Octopus”. I believe I named the artwork with this title because of the crown I drew on top of the octopus head.

Drawing is something then I am very passionate about. This medium and art is something I’ve been doing since I was a child living back in my native country Haiti. 

Drawing For 20+ Years

It’s been over 20 years since I’ve been drawing and every year I’ve made it a goal of mine to improve and get better as an artist.

Today, One of my main goals is to continue to create art to inspire others and to also change the dream of mine of becoming an established.

Enjoy only way I can accomplish the second call is by Finding a way to generate income and to sell my art as an artist.

With the help of the Internet today and all the social media platforms available a lot as possible for an artist to showcase their work.

Of course, no one wants to see your post art for sale every day, but Finding a creative way to share the art is always well received. 

Pastel Tones Octopus T-Shirt Design 

Octopus T-shirt Design
Octopus T-shirt Design

One of the ways I hope to share my heart with the entire world is through apparel like t-shirts. I am not a fashion designer but I am an artist and in the past, I’ve had many people suggest putting my art on T-shirts.

However, I never acted on this because I didn’t really see how this would help me spread my art in the world. Now, I do see how because it is like everyone wearing a shirt with a logo on them is promoting those companies.

The octopus T-shirt is one of many artworks I will be sharing on the blog as t-shirts. An octopus is a symbol of will, magic, unity, time, creativity, intelligence, and flexibility.

Octopus T-shirt Design
Octopus T-shirt Design

Pink and White Octopus T-Shirt Artwork

Octopus T-shirt Design
Octopus T-shirt and Tank Design
Octopus T-shirt Design

Pink and Mint Octopus T-Shirt 

Octopus T-shirt Design
octopus shirts
Octopus Art Shirt
Octopus graphic tees
Octopus Shirt

The Gold Edition Octopus T-Shirt Design 

Octopus T-shirt Design
Octopus T-shirt Design

Black and White Octopus T-Shirt

There are many more meanings to the octopus, which I have listed in my previous post with the octopus wall art. Although, this was the first octopus drawing that I’ve done I have a few more that I will be sharing on the blog sometime later.

Finding time to balance life, creating art, and actually writing the blogs about art is a challenge. I will figure it out.

octopus meanings
Octopus T-Shirt
Octopus T-Shirt

Art is My Passion

I practice art every day I get a chance to sit down and create. With everything going on in life regarding paying bills, having to actually live, stress and change I have to fight for this. Creating art is my passion and I hope over the next 25-50 years that this is will be what I do full time.

Young Kenal

My dream is to open an art studio to hold exhibitions. When I open the studio I will showcase the artworks that I share on my website in a physical/social environment.

The artworks that I produced are influenced by my fascination with master artists like Pablo Picasso and  Jean Michel Basquiat among others.

I believe art is about expressions and emotions. It's quite a humbling experience when I receive messages via email or social media about people being inspired by my art. I hope to inspire the world through the art that I create and ultimately establish an art legacy for my family.

The Octopus Shirts
"Royal Octopus" Collection

Thank you if you made it this far down the page! If you cannot order a t-shirt, please share this page via Pinterest or Facebook. 

A SHARE goes a long way. Thank you in advance.

Octopus T-Shirt Designs

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