How To Get Noticed As An Artist Online Using Pinterest To Sell Your Art

How To Get Your Art Noticed

December 5


Get Your Art Seen By Millions Of Art Lovers

The following post highlights a course that teaches you how to get noticed as an artist or online business owner.

If you are an artist you can get your art noticed by millions of people who love art with what you will learn in the course.

At the time I first published this article I reached a peak of 4 million pinterest users per month. Currently I average 200,000 to 300,000 monthly viewers.

I Reached Over 3+ Million People Per Month On Pinterest

The way I reached over 3 million people on average per month consistently is through Pinterest. Yes, I did not stutter or make a typo. Although, I don't guarantee that I won't make mistakes in this post.

The following is an in-depth post on how I am getting my my art seen by millions of people on Pinterest. However, I will also refer you to a course that will teach you to do the same thing. 

I will share will you my struggle of trying to sell art online consistently or often and my failure.

You will get to hear my story as an artist who tried and failed. You'll also see some of the success I've seen with using Pinterest

How To Get Noticed As An Artist Online

How To Get Noticed As An Artist By Millions of People

Are you An artist looking for an effective way to promote your art online?

Have you been on Instagram for over two years and barely sell any art or do commission work? Have you tried the Twitter approach and Facebook, but have spent money with little to no return.

If "yes" is your answer, continue reading.

Who Am I? Why Should You Trust or Care About What I Share With You?

Well, my name is Kenal Louis and I am a creative artist most likely just like you.

I have been drawing since I was a child; the earliest I can recall drawing or coloring was 4 years old. This is a photograph of me while I was still a child living in Haiti.

Ever since I can remember it's been my dream to be an artist. I've spent years hearing that art is just a hobby people don't make real money doing that.

Artists die broke... all that jazz. Guess what? It's 2018 and for decades to centuries actually, many artists have been prospering with their art.

Young Kenal

If you are an artist who paints, draw, sing, write poetry, or even an art instructor. You can be independent and make a living doing what you are passionate about.

I am doing it and although I am still at the beginning of my journey, what you will learn on this page from my experience will help you.

With this table of content you'll be able to navigate this page a little easier.

How do I do it?
I am going to share with you the knowledge that changed it all for me.

I've also gained hope and a bit of confidence that in 2-5 more years doing this I could finally open my dream art studio.

I'm also going to share with you a course that I highly recommend because it has made the most significant impact on my art business. As an artist, I am a creative person and I am not a salesman or online marketer.

However, in 2018 it is imperative that I know how to use social media and my website to get more exposure to my art.

You yourself as an artist need to understand these things or you will get left behind in this digital age we are living it.

17,000+ Followers

Over the past three years, I’ve grown my Instagram account to over 9,000 followers. Even with that many following me with a decent amount of engagement I have rarely sold any art from a post on Instagram.

4,000 Followers on Twitter, 2,000 Likes on my public page, and 2,000 Pinterest followers none of it determines whether I can reach the 3 million people I mentioned earlier. All together I have 17,000 people who chose to follow me, but they are either none engaging or just watchers.

Do you have 2,000 friend on Facebook? Maybe you have 5,000 followers on Instagram? Maybe you don't even have 50 followers on Instagram. It doesn't matter. With The Pin With Purpose course you can reach thousands and millions of people like I have.

I Spent $2,917 to reach 2,379,237 People

I’ve also spent over $2,917 on Facebook Ads since 2010 to each 2.3 million people. Even with specific niche targeting I NEVER sold an artwork through the ads.

I also never came close to reaching 3 million people. Traffic would come to my site from the ads, but then crickets.

Here Is My Facebook Failure Proof:

Get More Traffic Than You Can Pay For

Sad stuff huh?

Yes, no conversion in sales whatsoever. I almost gave up on really trying to sell my art online or trying to get noticed online.

I was on a tailwind tribe ( I will explain what tailwind is later if you are not familiar with it.

I came across a pin by Rachel Ngom regarding driving traffic from Pinterest to your website; it got my attention and I then went to her website and found her course.

 I also noticed she offered 1 on 1 coaching.

Rachel's coaching was what I was most interested in, so I reached out to her. But before I could do the coaching with her I went through her course.

The course I signed up for the change everything for me is called “Pin With Purpose”.

After taking the course I went from averaging two visitors a day on Pinterest to over 100 visitors to my website and over 3 million monthly viewers.

Sell Art with Pinterest

You can go straight to the Pin With Purpose course through the button/link below. Or continue reading to learn about my experience with the course in-depth and the 1 on 1 coaching I did with Rachel Ngom the course instructor. 

Jump Straight To The Course

Get over 50+ short, concise and clear videos teaching you how to drive targeted traffic from Pinterest to your store or site.

As you continue reading you are going to find different parts that talk about why getting thousands and millions to see your work is important. Get ready for an informative and creative adventure.

I Will Be Updating These Results Every Few Weeks

Successful Businesses Don't Become Household Names Overnight

Pin With Purpose Course: Selling Art and T Shirts

Last updated: May 15th, 2018

My progress so far after joining the Pin With Purpose course March 24th, 2018... that's the day I signed up. 

I was so excited that I completed the course in 3 days. Immediately I started implementing EVERYTHING Rachel taught in the course.

Today is May 15th, in less than 2 months after signing up, I've sold 8 T-shirts (Sold my 8th one today!) A few hours ago actually, so I thought I would share my experience and progress.

Rachel is phenomenal, in fact she always says "it's only going to get better. It's the beginning" I believe her.

I also follow her on Instagram, which I would recommend if you are not already because I am also inspired by her consistency on there.

She share her morning reads, devotionals/inspiration quotes, part of her work, family and all that jazz. She's a great person to follow for inspiration as well.

She doesn't share art, but as a creative person I find her content inspiring overall.

More Results So Far: Don't Get Caught Up In The Numbers

Since joining the course my followers have increased by over 300 on Pinterest, I've sold 3 large art prints, 8 shirts, and doubled my reach on Pinterest to 4 Million.

But what's even more crazy is my website Is averaging 1,600 visitors a month from Google analytics and 900 comes from Pinterest. Around 20 people use to google my name "Kenal Louis", which is my brand... it went up to 200 monthly searches. 

It's ridiculous to think that many people are searching for me. Trust me, it's not because of Instagram or because Google is helping me brand or any other source. It's all Pinterest!

Yes, Pinterest will help you build your brand. 

I am looking forward to see what the results and numbers this time next year will be like. Don't wait until Pinterest change their algorithm and it's more challenging to start using the platform.

Rachel's Instagram Page: @shesmakinganimpact

Part 1: Social Media Is important for Artists

Why is social media important? Also, why is significant and essential for artists to be using the right way?

The social media is important for interaction and digital communication. Its importance for artists Is very significant relating to how they promote their art.

Social media is essential now more than ever because it gives creatives a quick way to reach out to influential magazines, bloggers, and other artists to collaborate on projects.

It also is a way for you to literally showcase your work every day for people to see.

Yes, having a website portfolio can do the same thing. But it is nothing like have a social media account.

Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook have a constant flow of traffic you can tap into through the innovation of hashtags and more.

How To Sell Art On Pinterest: Pin With Purpose

How To Sell Art On Pinterest: Pin With Purpose

Having A Website Is Like Having A Retail Store

If there is no traffic, you make no sales and eventually you will go out of business.

You won't be able to keep up even with the low cost of having your own domain name and hosting, which can be as low as $60-$100 per YEAR. That is the truth.

The Internet Is Not even 50 Yeas Old Yet:

Today you can reach someone living in Paris, Chicago, London, Rio, and Tel Aviv within minutes of each other. Or better yet you can even have a live call with people from all five locations I just mentioned.

It doesn't stop there, instant communication was not possible like this 40 years ago. The internet is not even 50 years old yet.

Our Instant World:

Social media give us instant access to an audience that would take us much more effort to reach locally. Not saying that you shouldn’t still do art shows or work with your local gallery.

But with the power of the Internet, you are capable of reaching so many more people. Also, we are getting further away from traditional ways of selling art and people art doing almost everything on a tablet, laptop or their cell phones now.

I think my data showing you that I reach millions of people through Pinterest alone should convince you.

My reach also extends to thousands of people on Instagram as well. Both platforms are highly visual and are my two most recommended for artists.

How To Get Noticed As An artist Online

How To Get Noticed As An artist Online

As an artist or creative person, this course will teach you everything you need to learn in order to sell art on Pinterest. Implementing the things you learn will also help you build your brand value.

Instagram Vs. Pinterest For Artists

There are so many social media networks today, I mean over 50 good social media platforms. However, if you are a creative artist that have visual content Instagram and Pinterest are two platforms at the top of visual platforms.

Again, if you are into video YouTube is number one for you of course. But we are not talking about video sound or anything else except for images.

Instagram was bought out by Facebook in 2012. Gary Vee is someone I follow on YouTube along with his podcast. He said then that Facebook literally stole Instagram for $1 billion.

Today Instagram is worth over $100 BILLION of dollars and counting according to Mediakix. The platform has made many people a lot of money as social media influencers and even famous.

As you can see Pinterest haven't crossed over to the $10 Billion club yet, but believe me when I say they will. Are you going to wait until it's too late and more difficult to get traffic to get on board? Now, is the time.

Personally, as an artist, I am very much an introvert and could care less about the fame. Although my goal is to sell my art and I want to make a living doing what I love which is creating art.

In order to do that in 2018 and beyond you have to understand social media and some online marketing basics.

Content Promotion For Artists:

The most important online marketing basic is Content Promotion. How did I figure this out? I have experience working as a retail manager, which I will share with you later on. But, it’s really simple if you think about it, promote your dang content.

How do you do that? Well, you create a schedule for yourself on when you’re going to share content if it’s a daily or every other day or weekly.

Most social media platforms today I do have to say prefer that you share at least one post a day. Have a routine, be consistent and stick to it. Even when you do see results as fast as you would like.

I could write 10,000 words alone about the importance of social media. I’m not going to do that in the section or this post. There are plenty of books that you can read about social media platforms and many blog articles you can read about the significance of it for people.

Most artist that I know personally locally where I live or have lived shy away from interaction with people.

Don't Be a Woe Me Artist:

Woe me artists wonder why they don’t sell their art or are always feeling like the world is against them. Going back to Gary Vee, which I recommend His book “Crush It” Because it’s sparked a fire that was already in me.

The book was also recommended to me by my business coach and the creator of Pin with purpose Rachel Ngom.

If you are not a person who loves to read or really care to read. Fortunately for you, there is an audiobook you can download for free as your first book through Audible. I’ve actually listened to “Crush It” twice.

The first time I listen to it I got a lot of insight and information. The second time around I realized I missed a few things and was so glad that I listen to it a second time.

Kenal Louis

There Is A Blueprint Because It's Already Been Done

Social Media Is necessary and essential for you today as an artist to grow your business and to sell your art. Not only that, social media allow you to be able to build your brand with little to no cost upfront.

However, investing in your future is really important whether you are paying for school tuition or investing in buying a website domain With your name as an artist or your business name.

Pinterest Is the social media network/visual search engine this post is about. I reached over 3 million people average per month with Pinterest and have paid 600,000 in one day. What would having 3 million people see your artwork monthly do for you and your brand? 

See it for yourself below!

From 17,546 Viewers on April 8th to 614,541 on April 25th of 2018
How to get noticed as an artist on pinterest

Out of 614,000 people who saw the pins that were pinned from my website over 220 that day came to my website.Out of 614,000 people who saw the pins that were pinned from my website over 220 that day came to my website for FREE.

Remember I paid $2,000 in Facebook Ads and got about 1,200 clicks since 2010. I didn't have to pay Pinterest a dime. You can imagine how excited I was that day when I saw this in my google analytics.

Here is What Happened With Analytics That Day From Google

Can You See What This Could Do For You?

Can you see how beneficial it would be to have hundreds of thousands of people seeing your name and your art or product? If you can’t, don’t bother to continue reading. If you do but you are interested in more of my story as an artist continue reading.

The more people that can see your name or style of work the more awareness you are building of you. You could be living in a small town in Wyoming and still sell 10, 25, 50, to 1000 artworks a day.

Whether you were selling original art or art prints. Pinterest is a great way to go to showcase your work.

Do you have an Etsy store already set up or a Shopify? Start using Pinterest more and you will see a growth in your sales in as short as 3 months.

Made Several Sales After 30 Days Completing The Course

My results were not typical for a person that just completed the course.

Within 35 days after completing the course and my 1 on 1 sessions with Rachel, I sold two 24x36 in large art prints and 7 t-shirts with my artwork from my Teepublic t-shirt store.

It's the best course online that will help you drive a lot of traffic with no extra cost. 

Pinterest Is Not Only For Women. SMH

There is this misconception that the platform is only for women who do craft stuff for their kids. If you are thinking like this then you are missing out on a lot of opportunity for yourself.

So start using Pinterest as consistently as you use you Instagram account or any other social media!

There are some key things that can help You achieve more success and a course taught by Rachel.

Over half of people on Pinterest, and 75% of new signups, are from outside the United States. And while Pinterest used to be thought of as mostly just for women, now 40% of people who join are men—that’s 70% more than this time last year!

- From Pinterest's Blog in 2016 (What do you think it is now?)

Part 2: Selling Art Online & In Person

Do you love teaching others? Are you passionate about helping others in your community with your art? Do you have a creative idea of how to use art to inspire others? Or maybe you have or you simply believe are a perfect fit for nurseries or medical facilities?

If your answer is "Yes" to any of these random questions, then Pinterest is a place for you. These are some of the artworks I’ve seen on Pinterest that lead to other people’s websites specific to those niche type art areas.

Pins I've Shared That Reach over 80,000 People Each In Less Than 30 Days of Being Pinned
Melanin Goddess Artwork Pin
Pen and Ink Drawings Pin

Free Niche Art examples and Ideas:

Maybe you create medical art with soft color palettes and tones that you think would be perfect for hospitals or cancer centers. If that is the case for you A good majority of the people who are on Pinterest I considered planners.

You’re not only going to find some impulse buyers on Pinterest, But you will find people who are in the medical field that love Pinterest that may come across your artwork and pictures to their hospital/medical facility’s art director.

Better yet You may even be surprised that in art director working at the Children’s Hospital in Kansas came across your website and sent you an email.

These are really not just ideas these are scenarios and things that happen every day online. With billions of people accessing the Internet and searching online daily, whether it is through Google or Facebook or Twitter. People are looking for content like this or something similar and they find someone.

Get Aboard or Prepare To Sink For A Long Time

Every business that is online is successful because whoever is promoting the business online have an incredible way to promote their content.

It could be that they are paying thousands of dollars for advertising ads on Facebook or Google or sponsored tweets. Or they could have gotten on the platform before it got difficult. They could also just be marketing geniuses.

Pinterest is a traffic source gold mine. The platform is eight years old, But it is still a baby. Four years many people have been using Pinterest to simply share ideas for DIY or to find ideas to try.

A good majority of people are still doing these things today. However, more and more people are learning about the power and creative way to Pinterest allow you to promote content. Pinterest traffic is literally waiting for you if you post the proper ways on Pinterest.

You Probably Can Do Better:

The amazing part about it all is that you can do this all for free And reach 600,000 people and one day like I did it or even more.

Now I’ve invested a lot of energy and was very aggressive with my promotion on the platform. I found my niche and I tested many types of artworks in order to find it.

One of the things I discussed with Rachel in my 1 on 1 coaching with her was this concept of focusing on a specific niche art. We talked about throwing a few things at the wall and seeing what sticks. It worked.

My Reach Value Is Crazy

I wanted to share these two pin images I created today. It's not the most flattering, but I believe it's valuable for the people that will see it on Pinterest. Before joining the Pin with Purpose course I was averaging 1.9 million viewers with my account, but was getting only 2 visitors a day to my website.

AFTER the course It in about a month it jumped to over 3 million and reached a peak of targeted 200 visitors in one day. It fluctuates, but it's still pretty consistent. I looked at my Ad account on Facebook and compared the $$ amount value with this simple cross multiplication math.

My Pinterest reach value is at $4,429 per month... At least that's what I would have to pay EVERY month on Facebook to even reach that many people at a $1.2 CPM cost... Insane! 

How To Get Noticed As An Artist

How To Get Noticed As An Artist

How To Get Noticed As An Artist

My Reach Value

The Power of One Thing At A Time

Art is very broad. Maybe you do bronze sculptures, Ceramic vases, Watercolor paintings, oil paintings, or family portraits. The list and variety of art that is on Pinterest is vast.

Like most platforms today it is pretty consistent and the fact that whatever you choose to do should be in is recommended to be niche focused.

This is not Because the platform will give you extra points if you are only focused on a niche, but it is because this is the best way to build a brand. Can you imagine if Coca-Cola One of the biggest brands in the world for cool beverages also had a Coca-Cola tea when they first started?

It would be really confusing and helping them build their brand. Not to mention it would make it more difficult and take longer for them to build their brand. Coca-Cola would still have become the brand that they are today, but it would have taken them much longer.

Gary's Idea: Brand Equity

I am going to piggyback to the book “crush it”. Gary mentioned something called brand equity. Brand equity is driving force of business today and a digital age and technology era that we are in. This is one of the reasons why a lot of stores in retail are closing every few months.

A lot of blame goes to mammoth Companies like Walmart and Amazon. The thing people seem to overlook or fail to realize is that these top two companies have built their brands to be the Giants that they are.

You cannot see the Word Walmart or Amazon and not have it registered to the companies Identities today.

This is the same thing you can do for yourself as an artist in order to build your brand equity. In other words, building your brand value by getting more people to see your art or your name.

I’ve spent years trying to figure it out and it’s been tricky because art is creative and it is not something that is “needed” or “useful” like toothpaste, clothes, food and so on.

Kenal Louis

My simple logo with my name. Remember you are the brand. You are the artist.

Selling Art Is An Art

Selling art itself is an art. It’s not just about selling a product but it’s about the art direction, vision, and emotional aspect of what you are doing.

I listen to a podcast with The Abundant Artist founder Cory Huff. While I was listening they said that creative artist has the potential to be the most successful in business. Yet, a lot of artists never think about this.

The fact that you are creative means that you are innovative. You can think of ways to promote or to sell your product if you really set and thought about it. Your creative approach in creative delivery is what sells your art.

Speak Up For Yourself

In the past, I’ve sat for hours at art festivals and sold 3 to 6 original artworks because I engaged with the people that came to my table. By engaging I mean interaction.

I spoke up when people came to my table or booth. The questions I would ask would be like “What are your thoughts about the artwork?” and “How Do you feel about the piece that you see?” and “Which one of these do you like the most?”

I will bet you money if you have 10 people that come to your art table or booth next time you have an art show, that you will get at least one sale. You have to speak up.

Art Pieces Don't Talk

Also, there has to be a sense of confidence. Not arrogance or over-the-top boldness. But just pure confidence.

If Someone comes to your table and you are sitting down with your head down looking at your phone you just missed an opportunity to talk to someone about what you created. 

How To Get Noticed As An Artist Online

How To Get Noticed As An Artist Online

Yes yes yes I know you created the art for the art to speak for itself, but the art doesn’t have lips or a tongue to speak literally. You do! So speak up and sell your art in a passive way.

You don’t have to ask someone “would you buy this piece from me”. The fact that you are talking to them about your idea visually or the inspiration of the artwork will make them find it more intriguing.

If you ask them any of the simple questions I mentioned in the previous paragraph you will trigger thoughts. They will see that you really invested not only time to create the artwork, but they will see the purpose of the artwork.

Which is extremely difficult with art because the artwork itself visually cannot tell you what the purpose of the artwork is. These are things that I’ve done and I know works. None of this is made up or imaginary.

Working Retail Prepared Me For The Art World

For a long time, I’ve worked in retail at places like Walmart, Home Depot, Aeropostale, and others. I’ve also had the opportunity to work as regular associates and also as a manager for retail companies.

The experience that I gain working as a manager served me well for my own business. I learned that customer interaction in the store drove more sales. Imagine you are standing in the front of the store 20 people walk in and you do not create any of them.

Yes, there may be a chance that some of them could buy something because they came in the store because they wanted something. Most of the time they are just browsing. I’ve learned to never ask someone to come into your store “can I help you with something”. This is considered a closed-ended question. Meaning they are either going to tell you yes or no.

Be Human: Be Real

The best way to engage with someone in a physical store which can help you translate online is by asking open questions. An example would be “what are you shopping for today?” Or “Who are you shopping for?” Normally They would not say yes or no.

Logically they are forced to answer these questions by providing you information about themselves or why do you are in the store. Online it is no different in the sense that we need to engage with people.

If you have a website or social media it’s not like an open chat box where anytime you have a visitor you could ask them these questions, but if someone leaves a nice comment on your picture or on your blog.

Engage. Be real, let them know that you are a human being on the other side of the screen that values their positive comment. Even if someone leaves a negative comment at times it’s good to respond to see why they left a negative comment. Of course, you should respond in a positive manner yourself.

It Doesn't Hurt To Say Thank You:

I am also going to go back and refer to Gary V once more because he has this thing he calls the “thank you economy”, which is also a book.

It pretty much is saying that there is value in leaving a simple comment back as a response saying thank you to someone else. I haven’t read the book yet, but with common sense, I see the reason for responding to every comment I left on a platform like Facebook or Instagram and even your blog.

Once more, I’ve seen this in my own life recently on Instagram where people would DM me. They would be shocked That I responded because they didn’t think I would. I would get responses like “thank you for responding” or “I appreciate your messaging back”.

I still think you have to be selective and smart regarding what you respond to. However, if it is something that you truly can’t answer. It's not gonna hurt you to take a minute or two to write a quick response that truly answers is someone’s inquiry, it’s only going to benefit and help you.

A Few More Niche Art Ideas:

Using a platform Like Pinterest you can promote prints that you have for sale or original artworks. You can also take creative approaches where you create pins that offer your services like painting portraits of someone’s son or daughter.

Another way is you can create patterns and promote home Decor Like sheets or throw pillows for example. All these are things you can find on Pinterest that people are pending that are driving them more targeted visitors to their own website and art shops online.

Two Artists Doing Well Online With Their Art Styles

Two artists I currently follow who are winning on Pinterest right now is Sara Barnes and Brittany Watson Jensen. Take a look at Their websites and Pinterest accounts. 

Sara Barnes

Sara is a freelance writer who also specializes in illustration and more. She produce  clever illustrations.

Reaching 5 Million people per month

Her Website:

Brittany Watson Jensen

Brittany is a stylist, designer, crafter and much more. She creates beautiful craft ideas unique for the home. 

Reaching 10 Million people per month

Although these two ladies are styles are different then mine and the content we create are different; they are still highly successful with their own creative art businesses.

I wanted to feature them to show you that it's not my style that's going viral or picking up only. There are many more talented artists doing the right things with their art business online. You can do it too.

Part 3: Pinterest Is Right For You

Is Pinterest the right social media platform for you? Yes! I answered it for you.

I’ve mentioned a lot already about how you can use the platform to share your art. Pinterest, although It is a recognizable name and brand itself, is still underutilized for Content Promotion.

What does this mean for you as an artist? The short answer is "opportunity."

You have the opportunity to use the platform to promote your work creatively and properly for maximum exposure. The nice thing about it is you don’t have to pay booth fee or for advertising. You can reach over millions of people like I have every month. If you have 10 Million monthly viewers to your Pinterest account this could easily be sending to 1,000 to 10,000 visitors to your website or store products.

Don't Ditch Google: Simply Start Using Pinterest

Pinterest also has an algorithm, which works to your benefit. I believe the algorithm that Pinterest currently has gives a lot of opportunity for anyone with good content and quality images to reach a significant amount of people.

I’ve struggled with Google to get rankings for keywords for years and I’ve been blogging since 2011. 

In 2018 and beyond it’s even more difficult for you to rent for a simple keyword because Google requires a lot of verification from other sites. The verification I’m referring to is backlinks from authority sites.

Content marketing for Google takes even longer than it does with Pinterest. However, there are still proper ways of creating content for Pinterest.

A short example would be the type of images that perform best on Pinterest are vertical images. Rectangular/landscape imagery do not perform as well. Occasionally a 1:1 ratio Square image will do well, but still not as good as vertical images will.

So yes in my seven years blogging and looking for the best ways to drive traffic to my website I have never seen anything work as well as Pinterest for me as an artist.

Maybe you do photography or do you sell flowers at the local boutique. Regardless of what your business or passion is. If you can take quality photos or create quality images you can do well on Pinterest.

Rachel Is A Pinterest Rockstar

In this post, I’ve mentioned Rachel Ngom the Creator of the She's Making An Impact blog and podcast. She is an amazing entrepreneur I came across while using Pinterest.

I was using a platform called Tailwind to schedule and share multiple pins. While using the platform they have a feature called Tailwind tribes, in which I discovered one of Rachel’s pins from her blog.

The pin got my attention I went To her website and I sent her an email regarding Her pen with purpose course and more importantly her 1 on 1 coaching. Rachel Created her blog she’s making an impact and also a podcast to help women business owners thrive on Pinterest.

I saw this as an opportunity if she was willing to Take me on as a client. To be honest I didn’t expect her to say yes she would work with me, mainly because she works with women. Yet, I was still hopeful and messaged her anyway.

I completed Rachel’s course in three days, Which normally takes a month to complete at least. I was aggressive because I was hungry.

Learning From My Failure With Kenalsworld

For years I’ve been trying to figure out how to drive targeted traffic to my website by blogging and originally at a site called Kenalsworld which never worked for me since 2011. Kenalsworld is still up, but I am transitioning and rebranding it to a site where I will be writing about other artists.

I had over 800 blogs written with at least 300 words over the past seven years on Kenalsworld. None of the blogs were bringing me, 100 visitors, consistently a week or even a month. Eventually, I deleted the 800 blogs and started from scratch, but still struggled with the site. Although if you google "How To Draw Braids" my blog rank #1 on Google.

At the time I was not using Pinterest. I would get some keywords that would rank in the top 10 of Google, but they would bring me only 1-10 visitors per week if even that.

Like I said earlier it is extremely difficult to ring on Google today, but still possible. The cost compare to drive in traffic from Google versus driving traffic from Pinterest is dramatically different.

You will spend way more money trying to rank high on Google with SEO Then you will with simple Pinterest strategies. Learn everything you need to get started with Pinterest by signing up for Rachel’s course Pin With Purpose.

Below are the many things you will learn about Pinterest and what you can do to get thousands and millions of viewers for your pins monthly. This will also increase the traffic to your website.

The Course Will Cover These Key Points and More

  • How To Setup Your Pinterest Account
  • Understanding Pinterest Analytics
  • Pinterest 101
  • Your Ideal Client
  • Pinning Strategies
  • Keywords For Pinterest 
  • and More!!!

1 On 1 Coaching With Rachel

I believe working with someone one on one is really important. This is why a lot of people seek out mentors and business coaches. Rachel is not just a business coach she is a successful businesswoman and her one on one Sessions with me allowed me to be able to ask her questions beyond the Pin With Purpose course.

I recommend completing the course first then doing the one on one coaching because all of your questions about Pinterest will be answered in the pin with purpose course. The benefit of completing the course first will be that you will have to now think of the best questions to ask her regarding your business idea and your goals.

Rachel will not build your account for you, she will not come up with your niche for you, and will not make you rich. What she will do is inspire you, help you think about what you can better do, and suggest ideas based on the questions that you ask.

Creating Ink Drawings To Pin Vs Shoe Designs
Creating Ink Drawings

Creating Ink Drawings To Pin

Creating Shoe Designs

Creating Shoe Designs To Pin

Brainstorming Ideas

For example, I remember talking to her about a few different ideas that I had. One of them was creating coloring pages and coloring books to promote. The other one was creating content for tattoo art. Now although both of these niche ideas for under art, they are still different.

As a creative, we have so many things we want to try, which can be a hindrance and limit us from being as successful as we possibly can be.

You really have to come down to one niche and as it works to expand to other niches related to that court thing you started with. I had to come up with which niche exactly I wanted to target and it came down to interior wall art.

My goal was to sell prints of my artwork online which I have been doing. Within the first 30 days of implementing everything for Pinterest, I sold two large prints which I had to get printed locally and mail to the person who purposes the artworks. I have also sold more T-shirts then I’ve ever sold in the past six years since I’ve been blogging.

Don't Sprint. Run Long Distance

How To Get Noticed As An Artist Online

How To Get Noticed As An Artist

I’ve already seen an insane amount of results for what I initially invested.

Work will be required on your part regarding being consistent, creating quality content, and executing everything she teaches in the course.

Everything is important, but if you like the passion and self-motivation to go after your dream Then you’ll find it challenging.

Get out of the mentality of sprinting and develop a long distance runners mindset. You cannot put Usain Bolt in a marathon race with a person who's been training specifically for marathons. He will lose. He may not even make it Halfway.

Working with Rachel one on one will set you on the right path. By taking ownership and realizing that you as an artist or a business yourself and that you need to build your brand, you’ll be on the path to success.

Whether you want to sell handmade hats, paintings, sculptures, prints or books. Believe me when I say there is an audience on Pinterest waiting to discover what you have to share with the world.

Pinterest Is Waiting For You, But Not For Long

No other social media platform give you as long-term Exposure as Pinterest does. Why is this important? This will allow you to continually skill your business over time. What you shared three months ago will still be getting discovered by people looking For that kind of content on Pinterest.

Oh! Not to mention you will get more visibility on Google images and more traffic from Google as well.

What are you waiting for? If you don’t invest in your future and if you don’t invest in yourself how can you expect others to? If you see investing in a course to learn new things as simply an investment then you’ve got nothing to lose and only knowledge to gain.

Made It This Far

If you made it this far down the post reading or even just skimming through the content, I thank you! Are you ready to get more exposure for your art with your own pinterest account? The link to the course is below.

Sharing Is Truly Caring Online... I Didn't Make This Up

I know this is totally unoriginal, but sharing is caring and that's the truth especially online. If you found this post insightful or helpful in any way at all. Please consider sharing the page on Pinterest.

The following post highlights a course that teach you how to get noticed as an artist or online business owner. If you're an artist you can get your art noticed by millions of people who love art with this course. I've reached 4 million people per month using this knowledge from this course. Learn more at #sellartonpinterest #howtogetnoticedasanartist #getnoticed #sellart The following post highlights a course that teach you how to get noticed as an artist or online business owner. If you're an artist you can get your art noticed by millions of people who love art with this course. I've reached 4 million people per month using this knowledge from this course. Learn more at #sellartonpinterest #howtogetnoticedasanartist #getnoticed #sellart The following post highlights a course that teach you how to get noticed as an artist or online business owner. If you're an artist you can get your art noticed by millions of people who love art with this course. I've reached 4 million people per month using this knowledge from this course. Learn more at #sellartonpinterest #howtogetnoticedasanartist #getnoticed #sellart The following post highlights a course that teach you how to get noticed as an artist or online business owner. If you're an artist you can get your art noticed by millions of people who love art with this course. I've reached 4 million people per month using this knowledge from this course. Learn more at #sellartonpinterest #howtogetnoticedasanartist #getnoticed #sellart The following post highlights a course that teach you how to get noticed as an artist or online business owner. If you're an artist you can get your art noticed by millions of people who love art with this course. I've reached 4 million people per month using this knowledge from this course. Learn more at #sellartonpinterest #howtogetnoticedasanartist #getnoticed #sellart The following post highlights a course that teach you how to get noticed as an artist or online business owner. If you're an artist you can get your art noticed by millions of people who love art with this course. I've reached 4 million people per month using this knowledge from this course. Learn more at #sellartonpinterest #howtogetnoticedasanartist #getnoticed #sellart

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