FKA Twigs Art | The Most Beautiful Artwork You’ll Love

FKA Twigs Art

April 3


FKA Twigs Art | The Most Beautiful Artwork You’ll Love

The following FKA Twigs art illustration was created though digital painting. When I started the artwork of the talented beauty I had no idea that it would take me as long as it did. I hope you enjoy the artwork.

Golden FKA Twigs Art Prints

If interested in purchasing a print below you can order an art print. Want to learn about the thought process that went into creating the FKA Twigs artwork? Continue reading.

FKA Twigs Artwork Golden

Are you a fan of FKA Twigs? Do you also love art? Well, I am a fan of this talented artist. I first was exposed to FKA Twigs in 2013 by two fashion designers in Omaha, Nebraska.

I had seen her before somewhere online, but never really dove into her music. The first song I heard and fell in love with was "Papi Pacify".

Since then I have followed her music and fell in love with her voice as well as her distinct image. The following FKA Twigs illustration is one of the most beautiful artworks you will find online. It is my best art piece and illustration among the illustrations in my portfolio.

Below is a list of the FKA Twigs songs I had on repeat while creating the drawing and illustration of the beautiful songstress and talented lady.

My List of favorite FKA Twigs Songs:

"Papi Pacify"
"Two Weeks"
"Good To Love"
"Water Me"
"Figure 8"
"Lights On"

FKA Twigs Art Pieces That Influenced The Golden Artwork

Before creating my art illustration of FKA Twigs I took a look online to see how many artworks were created by various artists of the English singer, songwriter, and dancer. I was blown away by how many drawings and paintings I saw on Google of the artist.

This did not discourage me but made me want to create something even more unique of the talented artist. 

The Golden FKA Twigs Artwork Piece

Below is a contour drawing from the beginning of the process I took in creating the digital painting of FKA Twigs.  From the line artwork to the final value painting in gold.

The golden artwork was created through digital painting. Although digital painting is becoming more and more popular, I can't help but think some people don't consider it true art... As an artist with a very open mind, sometimes it bothers me.

However, I have to understand that not everyone will like certain advancements that come with technology.

FKA Twigs Artwork Golden

Digital Painting

Although digital painting is becoming more and more popular, I can't help but think some people sill don't consider it true art... As an artist with a very open mind, sometimes it bothers me. However, I have to understand that not everyone will like certain advancements that come with technology.

I was not much of a fan of digital painting when I first started, I thought it didn't feel real. Not to mention, I wasn't very good at it either. With time and lot of practice on personal projects, I got a lot better. I like to compare it to digital photography because some photographers believe only in film photography.

The FKA Twigs Artwork Digital Painting Phase

In the creation process of the golden art piece, I created the line drawing first of FKA Twigs's figure.

The FKA Twigs Digital Painting Process

Digital painting requires a lot of time and planning. A lot of thought goes into creating any artwork, where almost nothing is done by mistake or accident... At least the accidents, in this case, can be controlled a bit better than they can versus when painting in traditional media.

The FKA Twigs art piece required some research because I wanted the art piece to be more than just a portrait of her. I wanted the artwork to be symbolic to her sound, character, and essence.

Creating The Orchid For The Artwork

A small part of the complete art piece, but it required 2-3 hours to complete because I wanted to figure out how to combine the exotic flower the orchid and the vagina to create a seamless visual image. This thought was inspired by Georgia 'Okeeffe's Flower of Life paintings

Orchid Flower Art Painting

In the piece, I incorporated her zodiac sign, which is the Capricorn as well as her birthstone color. I find it intriguing that all of us have are born in a specific month and each of those months have some significance and attributes to each of us.

Have you ever met someone who was born in the same month as you and that share the same zodiac sign... and you still couldn't get along? Have you met someone you were born in the same month with that you two got along very well?

It's strange to think that a period of time along with our environments growing up can have such an impact on who were are as beings.

Royalty Art Series

At the time I started creating the artwork of FKA Twigs, I had already commenced an art series entitled the Royalty Series. In the series, I illustrated Willow Smith, Zoe Kravitz and a pair of couples in entertainment. This all started after an inspiration from Jean-Michel Basquiat's creative art style.

I've seen many artworks and artists before use the signature crown by the iconic artist, but I wanted to create something memorable to my own style and vision.

I developed a combination of gold, art nouveau, and contemporary art to create this series; which serves as a creative portrait collection of popular figures and celebrities.

The Balance In The FKA Twigs Golden Art Illustration

Finding a balance in the FKA Twigs illustration was something essential. The balance between the light and dark is very important in all of us as individuals.

Even in everyday life, nature has to have a balance in light and dark in order for all life to be sustained on the earth. This is not to say that as beings we could not evolve or adapt to total darkness or absolute light. I believe it is essential that both elements are balanced.

In this artwork, I painted to two beta fish; one black and one white. This is to represent the Japanese Yin Yang symbolic meaning of light and dark. Each fish is placed at opposite ends of the art piece to complete the cycle I intended to have in the artwork.

There are many symbolic elements in the piece that I could write a 10,000-word post on, but I'd rather keep it short. If you have any thoughts and personal interpretation of the piece, I would love to hear it. Just leave a comment at the end of the post of your thoughts.

FKA Twigs Digital Painting

The Beauty of FKA Twigs

This art illustration of FKA Twigs was the first I created in full gold, which took some time because I never mixed yellow tones in such a manner before.

 I used a lot of gold block, jewelry, and sculptures for lighting reference. Shading in color can be really difficult, but after 22 hours of work on the piece, it was complete.

FKA Twigs is a beauty and a goddess. Her voice is soothing and her looks are remarkable. She also dances with a unique spirit and with so much passion.

I truly don't believe there is anything fake about her artistry and this makes me adore her as a talent even more.

This artwork is the first FKA Twigs painting I created and make just be the beginning of a collection of art, that I will create of this queen.

My golden illustration of FKA Twigs can be found on my art print store. Prints are available on paper, canvas and more.

If you enjoyed this post, please pin and share the posts to support the art series and the continuation of the collection. Below is a free wallpaper you can download for your iPad, desktop or mobile device. Enjoy!!!

Prints are available on canvas, matte paper, metal and more.

This artwork is the first FKA Twigs digital painting I created and make just be the beginning of a collection of art, that I will create of this queen.

The illustration is also symbolic in the sense that it represents both the insecurities a lot of women have, but also reflect the boldness women exuberant. This is the reason why I created her with four arms covering her chest.

Women are beautiful, delicate, fragile, but at the same time as bold as men when it comes to a lot of things. As a guy, I don't know many many that can handle being heart broken and still look for love.

Most of the time they end up becoming a player or bitter over the past situations they've been through. What do you think about this topic? Also, what do you think about the implied symbolism in the FKA Twigs art piece?

FREE: FKA Twigs Desktop Wallpaper

FKA Twigs Desktop Wallpaper

1600 pixels x 1200 pixels

If you would like this artwork as a free wallpaper for your desktop or ipad, click on the image and  press Ctrl+S to save the wallpaper.

Own a website and would like to share this artwork on your website, feel free to do so. All I ask is that you link back to this page.

FKA Twigs iPhone Wallpaper

FKA Twigs IPhone Wallpaper

Want to save this illustration for your phone, click on the image and  press Ctrl+S to save the phone cropped wallpaper.

I have been passionate about art since I was just 4 years-old. I love to create and created this artwork with a lot of passion, time, and effort as I mentioned in the beginning. I hope you enjoyed this post.

Thank you for visiting the website and blog. If you decide to re-blog the artwork, please be sure to link back to this page to give me credit as the creator of the artwork. Much love!!

FKA Twigs Art

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