25 Colorful Abstract Wall Art That Will Brighten Up Your Home

Colorful Abstract Wall Art Prints

April 12


The following artworks are 25 colorful abstract wall art that will brighten up your home walls. All of the drawings and paintings on this page are unique and will definitely bring some life and positive energy to your home. 

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Learn about the art direction behind the artworks. I will also talk about the difference between the digital and traditional abstract art on this page.

These drawings and paintings are all vibrant and statement art pieces. Imagine the look on your guests faces when they will see one of these artworks in your living room.

Defining An Art Style As An Artist

Abstract art itself is something many art viewers and collectors admire because of the mystery abstract artworks contain. As an artist when you are first figuring out who you are, you experiment. Almost no style of art is off limits and the subject matter you create varies.

Often you are overwhelmed with a flood of ideas and thoughts, which pulls you in many different directions regarding what you should really create. Finding your that style that becomes recognizable to you and your identity is part of your art journey.

Personally as an artist I faced many challenges myself. I’ve battled the idea of making money selling my art for a living and I’ve been lost regarding what I should create. The question always came down to what type of art should I create in order for people to buy the art I produce?

Since then I have found myself as an artist and the style of artwork that I enjoy creating. After figuring out the style of art I wanted to create I stuck to it and have been producing a series of artworks in the style I call my own.

Digital Abstract Artwork From in 2011

Colorful Abstract Wall Art - Mona Sur La Plage

Traditional Abstract Art & Digital Abstract Art

Through my journey in art I have experienced with several different styles. One of the early styles that I experimented with was abstract digital art. One of the main reasons that push me to create this type of artwork was the limited amount of resources I had at a point in my life. The convenience of being able to express my thought creatively digitally made it an easier process for me to bring my imagination to life.

Traditional Art vs. Digital Art

I practice both traditional art and digital art. I believe there is value in both mediums. In fact I got together with a friend and she expressed to me that she felt like having a physical traditional artwork was something she would rather have over digital art. 

The main reason is there is this notion that it takes more work to create a traditional art work versus a digital one. It is fallacy that traditional takes more work than digital art.

This is a debate that will go on for a long time until digital art has its own revolution in the art world. Because many artists are still making millions and thousands of dollars doing traditional art like sculptures large scale paintings and public installations along with many other traditional art styles.

Colorful Abstract Fashion Art – Digital Abstract Art Series

Colorful Abstract Wall Art - Fashion Abstraction

Colorful Abstract Wall Art - Fashion Abstraction

Colorful Abstract Wall Art - Fashion Abstraction

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About The Abstract Fashion Art

Each illustration inspired by the fashion style that I experienced at a avant-garde fashion show would serve as a blueprint for each piece of artwork.

The Use of Abstract Wall Art

Abstract wall art can be found many places. You can visit a hospital and see abstract art on the wall with gentle and light colors that flow in harmony with their buildings interior design. Butterflies are a symbol of transformation and healing, they one of the most popular symbols used for medical art.

In the same manner you can visit a local restaurant or fashion boutique and also come across abstract artworks.

Abstract art being primarily non-subjective in sometime can be subjective like the fashion illustrations I created to convey multiple expressions. Art genres like expressionism in Impressionism are key players in the innovation of what it means to create abstract art. These techniques and genres I combined to create the abstract digital art I produce.

Artwork: Lost Field of Light
Colorful Abstract Wall Art - Lost Field of Lights

Learning From A Master Artist

A master artist like Pablo Picasso has also been credited to have sparked the direction for what we know today as abstract art. Picasso may not have created any digital art because he did not have access to the technology that we have today.

However, from a man who created over 45,000+ artworks, I believe if he had the tools at his disposal to create digital art he would've created many more ideas.

Being the ambitious creator that Picasso was, he labored intensely to create as well as take art to new levels. I read an article about how the art world is still waiting for the digital art revolution. No one truly knows when it's going to happen, but one day it will.

Acceptance of digital art whether it is abstract or contemporary will come. The awareness of digital art is growing and being understood, but it’s not there yet.

Colorful Abstract Wall Art - Rainy Day Artwork

Digital Art: "Rainy Day"

This digital abstract illustration was created on a day where I felt quite somber. I cannot recall whether it was raining or not when I made the artwork.

At the time I was creating the illustration I wanted to play with the colors and hues to make as vibrant of a piece I could. While creating this vibrant artwork I also wanted the emotion to come out of them. This I adopted from impressionism.

The Somber Colorful Abstract Art Piece 

The artwork is something that could be created with pastels or chalk on textured paper. This was the look and feel that I was going for when I created this digital abstract art piece.

Emotion can be felt in this piece depending on your outlook and openness to various styles of art.

Colorful Abstract Wall Art

Colorful Abstract Wall Art Celebrity Portraits

In 2011 I also created a portrait of Michael Jackson as well as one of Wiz Khalifa in a slightly different style. This style was not so much of an inspiration from impressionism. Rather the illustration styles were inspired by a one-line continuation drawing. I still did my best to keep the artworks vibrant. The color palette for both of the Michael and Wiz artworks were similar.

The Michael Jackson Abstract Art

Colorful Abstract Wall Art

The Wiz Khalifa Abstract Artwork

Colorful Abstract Wall Art

There is a subtle difference in the element that I decided to add in the Wiz Khalifa art piece to make it significant to his character. That year Wiz Khalifa was one of the hottest rappers on the radio releasing music. He was also buzzing on blogs and online media for his fashion style which gained him much praise and attention in the fashion industry as well as hip-hop world. I included in the artwork a few weed leaves, a weed rolled up, and Wiz Khalifa with a hat on.

Colorful Abstract Wall Art - Malcolm X
Colorful Abstract Wall Art - Justin Bieber

Abstract High Heel Paintings

Fashion is a continued inspiration of the artwork that I create. If it is not Haitian or African culture that feeds my creativity, there is an inspiration source for my art from fashion.

These next illustrations I created came from this idea I had of dripping stilettos. In my mind I envisioned high heels painted in an abstract way while they were dripping as if they were just painted. Although, the style is abstract the context of the illustrations were subjective to fashion. Shoes are adored by women and men.

High heels and stilettos are some of the classy accessories that women used to complement their outfits. I didn't stop with the colorful abstract dripping heels. I went on to create an entire collection of high heel drawings which can be seen on my website. Through these creations I developed a personal obsession with creating high heels. My obsession drove me to create even a how to draw A high heel tutorial on the site.

Artwork: Sexy High Heels Gold Abstraction

Colorful Abstract Wall Art

This abstract digital art piece is available for sale in print on canvas, paper, metal, and wood.

Artwork: Abstract Handbag Drips Color

Colorful Abstract Wall Art

This abstract digital artwork is also available for sale in print on canvas, paper, metal, and wood.

Innovation and Evolution of Art

Later on, I learned about Andy Warhol’s high heel illustrations that he created for a fashion advertisement. I had never known that Andy Warhol illustrated high heels prior to my discovery. This gave me some comfort to let me know that I was not completely losing my mind as an artist. I didn't care that I wasn't the first to illustrate or draw high heels in a creative manner.

Nothing Is New Underneath The Sun

Growing up I heard phrase “Nothing is new underneath the sun.” This always pushes me to think about innovating whatever idea I have and also to make whatever ideas that I have my own.

Cubism and Dadaism

As more years go by, ideas will become less original. What we will strive for and should strive for is innovation in the work that we create. Producing these colorful abstract artworks is a step in that innovation process for me. The world is only getting more technological and the Internet is only expanding as well as evolving.  From Leonardo's Mona Lisa to the Fountain by Duchamp, art is ever-transforming.

The meaning of art is becoming more and more defined by the viewer. Although art scholars and the leaders of the art world still filter what they choose to except as art according to their standards. Dadaism caused an outrage, but Picasso's Cubism was receiving in a better way. Yet, backlash came for even Picasso’s work.  He found a rival in Henri Matisse who pretty much called Picasso a thief and unoriginal.

Whatever you change in art will either cause people to love or hate what you create. Not everyone will receive what you create with open arms. Knowing this and accepting it has helped me grow personally as an artist.

Romantic Colorful Abstract Wall Art 

Romance is a topic that has been portrayed and used in art for a long time. As a creative, how could I not create some romantic art with vibrant colors and hues?

Colorful Abstract Wall Art
Colorful Abstract Wall Art

The Revolution of Digital Art

Some think the revolution for a digital art movement has occurred already, I don't believe it has. Yes, the medium is growing in its awareness and there are some artists doing well creating digital art for print.

 The value on the other hand of what is cost for them to actually create these digital illustrations is not quite there. In Hollywood or big name companies they have digital artists who work for them.  Some of these companies pay very well, but it's still a battle for freelance digital artists who just want to make art.

The Last of The Colorful Abstract Wall Art

Colorful Abstract Wall Art
Colorful Abstract Wall Art

Can you see the face in the painting?

Colorful Abstract Wall Art
Colorful Abstract Wall Art

The Colorful Abstract Jellyfish Series

Colorful Abstract Wall Art
Colorful Abstract Wall Art
Colorful Abstract Wall Art Print
Colorful Abstract Wall Art Print

Colorful Splatter Paint

Colorful Abstract Wall Art Print
Colorful Abstract Wall Art Print

Art is My Passion

I practice art every day I get a chance to sit down and create. With everything going on in life regarding paying bills, having to actually live, stress and change I have to fight for this. Creating art is my passion and I hope over the next 25-50 years that this is will be what I do full time.

My dream is to open an art studio to hold exhibitions. When I open the studio I will showcase the artworks that I share on my website in a physical/social environment.

The artworks that I produced are influenced by my fascination with master artists like Pablo Picasso and  Jean Michel Basquiat among others.

Me Drawing When I Was 4

Me Drawing When I Was 4

I believe art is about expressions and emotions. It's quite a humbling experience when I receive messages via email or social media about people being inspired by my art. I hope to inspire the world through the art that I create and ultimately establish an art legacy for my family.


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