April 4, 2020

Butterfly Wall Art

Looking for a beautiful butterfly wall art to enhance your home's walls? Take a look at these unique and original butterfly artworks. 

The following abstract butterfly paintings are available for print on canvas, paper, metal and more. Shop any of these beautiful artworks and own something special. 

If you are a fan of butterflies and an art lover, I am sure you will love the artwork as you dive into this page.

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Go straight to the store with the button below if you already know the heart that belongs to you. Or you can continue reading to learn what inspired the creation of the butterfly art in this collection.

The First Butterfly Wall Artwork

Butterfly Art Print Metamorphosis of Life

Butterfly Art Print - Metamorphosis of Life

Why Do We Love Butterflies?

Why are butterflies beautiful? Well, they are very symbolic creatures that people just love. I've always had a fascination with the butterfly myself. In fact, I have painted a few butterfly paintings on canvas and recently started to create these very abstract black and white butterfly drawings.

Tying In The Purpose of Art

Art serves so much more of a purpose than just to visually appealing to a viewer or a crowd. Art has the capability to change mindsets and to also influence as well as inspire creativity. So in creating these beautiful black and white abstract butterfly drawing artworks. I hope to inspire creativity among my peer artists and those that follow The artwork that I create.

I practically live on Instagram, so you can follow me there to see the many different types of art that I created or share daily.

The very first art piece from this butterfly art series was “Max The Butterfly No. 2”. Creatively the artworks are done through traditional mediums such as painting and drawing. 

I am still uncertain as to why I decided to call the artwork “Max The Butterfly”, but at the time I probably thought it had a ring to it. Sort of like a catchy phrase.

Why The Red Background?

Since I created the first butterfly painting, I have continued to develop butterfly drawings and more butterfly paintings. The red background is something I chose to apply to the series because of Vincent Van Gogh Blue period and Picasso’s Rose period.

Each of these artists recreated them chromatic art series that inspired the world of art. Their works also left a dent in art’s history. What we study, explore, and practice as visual artists come from inspiration of these two great and household names.

Pablo Picasso the master of cubism and Vincent Van Gogh the most post-impressionist painters to have ever live changed the way people perceive art. Why would any artist not desire to be like these two great artists?

Inspiring The Butterfly Painting Series

My butterfly paintings and drawings were inspired by these masters. I think it’s important for every artist to look up to the masters in art and to try some of the things they did creatively. However, staying original and adding your own flavor to the artwork you create is very important as an artist. I don’t believe it is good to copy people’s works.

Why The Butterfly?

The butterfly like the octopus is a very symbolic creature. In an earlier art post I share an octopus drawing I created entitled the “Royal Octopus”. Both of these creatures share a similarity in their symbolism; they are both representations of time.

While working under an artist who created sculptures of butterflies I learned that the butterfly represented Transition and growth. The butterfly represents these two things because of its metamorphosis.

Some of the other things the butterfly represents in its meanings are listed below.

“Max The Butterfly No. 2”  

In this next butterfly painting I added some yellow and white paint to the background of the artwork. This is also a most detailed artwork because with this painting I drew more lines and implied a lot more movement in the art piece.

Because of the white and yellow in the piece, it created a more diverse artwork. I wanted the colors in the back of the line artwork to pop out a little bit and there for I added green to the palette.

The Second Butterfly Wall Artwork

Butterfly Wall Art Piece

“Metamophosis of Life” 

The third piece from the butterfly paintings “Metamorphosis of Life” was a continuation of the second painting. However, the contrast in color for the background of this butterfly painting was the accent of blue and green colors.

Also in the artwork there are more black shapes and a heavier line weight the butterfly carries. Personally this is probably my favorite from the butterfly paintings I have created.

All of them have been sold because of this; however prints are available on Fine Art America And Pixels. If interested in commissioning an original piece like these send me an email or leave a comment at the bottom of the page.

The Size and Medium

When I create the paintings I normally paint them on a 36 x 24 inch stretched canvas and it can take 2-3 weeks to complete.

The Last Butterfly Painting:

Butterfly Wall Art - Roger The Butterfly

Butterfly Wall Art - Roger The Butterfly

“Roger The Butterfly”  

Lastly the fourth artwork from the butterfly paintings is “Roger The Butterfly”. This piece is also heavy in its line weight. The background is just red with no additional colors may seem flat, but because of the heavy contrast in the artwork I believe it’s mysterious.

More Colors Available

Butterfly Wall Artwork

Butterfly Wall Artwork

3 Butterfly Line Artworks

Butterfly of Hope - Butterfly Ink Drawing

Butterfly of Hope - Butterfly Ink Drawing

The Butterfly of Hope - Abstract Butterfly Line Drawing

Hope. How can one go through life without hope? This is a question I always ask myself.

We all face adversity and challenges in our lives every day. Whether you are somewhere in Europe or in a small village in the Caribbean or in an urban city in America. How we get through these challenges and overcome to survive another day is through hope. Hope can help you build strength and hope can push you to never give up. As long as you are alive and breathing with a sound mind you should have hope.

These are the thoughts that ran through my mind as I drew and created this butterfly drawing "butterfly of hope".

Hope have allowed many great athletes, inventors, and innovators to achieve what some saw as impossible. Because it was their hope that they would be confident that they would be champions and would become pioneers. So with hope, you can find strength, courage, and boldness to achieve the impossible.

The Butterfly of Grace - Abstract Butterfly Drawing

Grace. If you are a person of faith you know that you have grace and even if you don't have any faith whatsoever, grace is still available for you. It is by grace we are alive. It is also by grace that we can even hope. It is by grace that we can look forward to the future.

Grace can lead us to be humble and is a reason for us to be humble.

The birth of the butterfly of grace came through this idea. For grace is available for everyone. 

The Butterfly of Faith - Abstract Butterfly Line Drawing

Faith Is the substance of things hoped, the evidence of things not seen. My faith has given me the strength to accomplish many things I never thought I could. My faith like my hope also keeps me going.

There are many others who have different faiths and beliefs and I respect everyone’s belief. This is the primary reason I created the butterfly of faith. Truly I believe all of us should have faith in something because when times get hard and we’ve lost everyone in our lives who do we turn to or what can we turn to?

There has to be something beyond what we can see with our eyes and beyond what we are capable of thinking. I am going to sound crazy for a minute, but I believe there are beings that we do not see with our eyes. I also believe that we are not alone in the universe.

The Goal In Creating The Butterfly Artworks

Ultimately my goal is to one day for my art to spark a change in the world. What will that change be in the world? I have no idea. What I do know is that as an artist I should be open to expressing my creativity and thoughts to visual representation.

We as human beings are always looking for inspiration ourselves and sometimes we don’t know where to look. I believe the gift that I’ve been given to create artwork is to make drawings and paintings that will change the world.

Whether I am creating butterfly drawings or portraits of people my biggest goal and objective is 20 years from now to inspire many. I see myself as an artist establish doing Ted talk type of events. I also see the possibility of going to schools colleges and universities to speak to aspiring artist or other Creatives.

A Personal Discovery

I’ve discovered that many artists are not the most articulate people because they 100% put their thoughts into their work. In doing so they do not always focus on developing their speech.

Growing up as a child in Haiti and then migrating to the United States with my parents and family I had to learn English, which is not my first language. Once I started to learn how to speak and really understand the language it became a natural goal for me to want to know how to speak the language well. It wasn’t just about words, but about expressing my thoughts in a more articulate way.

Being able to speak about my art in the past has led me to land sales as well as projects with certain clients for my artworks. I am passionate about art and in some way want to build a legacy and empire with the creative art ability that I have. These butterfly drawings are small part of a variety of art series I’ve developed over the past years.

The Battle Every Artist Face Learning to share my art online whether it is to my art blogs or on social media like Instagram have been interesting. It’s taken me a while to get over the fear of people stealing artwork that I create. Because I simply understood that people needed to see the art and I wanted to inspire as well as get my name out there.

My artwork have been featured in online publications like Afro punk, Kaltblut magazine, and BASIC magazine. A list of the features that I’ve had and other sources are listed under publications page.

Enough about my story, let's get back to discussing the butterfly.

The Symbolism of The Butterfly

Each butterfly has their own meaning and represent something like a human characteristic or treat that we embody as beings. The fact that in some cultures as well as religions that the butterfly represent life and the soul so this very deep.

In Native American folktales, the butterfly also plays many roles. Some Native American tribes believe the beautiful creature represent balance. In other tribes, the butterfly is a symbol of ephemeral beauty, vanity, and frivolous behavior. While there are many tribes who believe the butterfly is also a symbol of good luck and hold taboos against killing the butterflies.

The Blackfoot tribe, for example, believe butterflies represent a state of sleep and dreams.

More Symbolism Behind Butterflies

Did you know that butterflies represent life and I powerful as well as a deep representation of the soul? These creatures also and Christianity represents in symbolize resurrection. Other characteristics and symbolism for the butterfly all around the world include the representation of change transformation life and hope.

If you’ve lost someone that you love butterflies could represent that person. Some people believe in reincarnation afterlife that when we die we become butterflies.

If it was only that simple I don’t know what purpose we would have to stay alive because of the many struggles and challenges we face. I have encountered people in the past who said that if they could clock out of this life they would but because of their belief or faith they know that that is not a good option.

To be honest with you life is hard and if it was as simple as becoming a butterfly when we die then why wouldn’t you consider it. As an artist, I believe and something deeper I believe in God. There are some artists who do not believe in God which is fine because everyone is entitled to have their own faith and believe in whatever they want to Believe.

Butterfly of Celebration

On the bright side, butterflies can also represent things like a journey as well as celebrations. An example would be a new baby arriving in a new family. That right there is the perfect example and a moment that having like butterfly image of free around you or butterfly balloons would fit in the moment.

Certain colors of certain butterflies also mean and represent different things. This only makes sense because colors themselves represent different moods and ideas.

The white Butterfly

For example the white butterfly with white being the color of purity butterfly crew president I could guardian spirit. According to Web Healing, the white butterfly guides one along the path of life.

The Yellow Butterfly

Yellow butterflies specifically or a symbolism for hope and guidance. Yet other cultures around the world butterflies are associated with the dead.

The Blue Butterfly

This color of butterfly symbolizes ones essence as well as their past present and future. Since the color of blue is often related to joy this could also be a symbolism of the blue butterfly. The blue butterfly can also be a symbol of a wish according to cuteness.com.

Circle Butterfly Art Series

Butterfly Art

Butterfly Art

The following butterfly artworks are part of an extended circle drawing series. To go for the series is to create 1000 Circle drawings. Each of these drawings representing and symbolizing something different. However, the composition is the same as far as framing. All of the drawings are created in circles but all are different in their element of design and art composition.

At first, when I started the series I thought maybe about creating only 50 drawings but a push the goal to a thousand. Each drawing takes about four hours average to create. These are a few of the drawings from the series of circle drawings that were composed with the idea of a unique butterfly drawing.

The Artworks : Creating Butterfly Art

Creating these abstract drawings of butterflies for me is an escape. Although I am obsessed with lines deserve more of the most beautiful artwork is that I do with ink pens or markers.

Drawing has been something that I've done my entire life, well at least since I was the age of four. I am always wrong and butterflies and whenever these pieces sell out I create new butterfly drawings. In the past I have also donated artwork to fundraisers locally and Omaha Nebraska for breast cancer and other donation events. What is the next butterfly I will draw going to represent? I am not always sure because I create art as I am inspired day to day and inspired by however I feel.

If you love the butterfly drawings follow the blog to the subscribe page or follow me on Instagram at @Kenallouis

The Blue Morpho Butterflies

Blue Morpho butterflies Live and shop a rain forest in South America is one of the largest in size butterflies that exist in the world. The wing of the butterfly ranges from 5 to 8 inches not to mention the wings are also iridescent. Is a remarkable site to see as a butterfly because of the color combination of black and blue and hence of white on its wings.

There are a large variety of blue butterflies all around the United States. From the eastern parts of the US in California Washington Oregon along with other Western states the Karner blue is mostly found in the Midwest. Are the colors in variation of the blue butterfly such as act when Adonis blue canary blue as well as checkered are also common blue butterflies.

Blue Morpho butterflies Live and shop a rain forest in South America is one of the largest in size butterflies that exist in the world. The wing of the butterfly ranges from 5 to 8 inches not to mention the wings are also iridescent. Is a remarkable site to see as a butterfly because of the color combination of black and blue and hence of white on its wings.

In certain parts of England when one sees a butterfly after the new year it is considered bad luck. So what is the recommended action when a person sees a butterfly in those instances just killed a butterfly or else they could be facing a year of misfortune as well as bad luck.

Butterflies Are Widely Love

Truth be told people are obsessed with butterflies. Some get butterfly tattoos in the craziest places and other collect moth-butterflies. There are some scientists who dedicate their life to understanding and studying the creatures.

The Butterfly Effect Film

In 2004 Actor Ashton Kutcher started in a film called "The Butterfly Effect" it received a 7 out of 10 movie review from over 300,000 people. Needless to say, the film was a success.The character had this supernatural ability to alter his life simply by reading his journal.

The film was inspired by the idea behind the meaning of the "Butterfly Effect". This phrase was coined with the notion that small causes have big effects according to Scholarpedia. It was a concept developed by an American meteorologist named Edward B. Lorenz (1917-2008).

This concept of the butterfly effect of small things have a big impact can be tied into many different things. In our day-to-day lives, we make decisions that impact us 5, 10, 20 and even 50 years from now.

Sometimes things may seem like the smallest decision at the moment but they end up having a major impact on how our lives turn out. This is how the butterfly effect is relevant and part of all of every single one of our lives. The sad thing is we don't always recognize or realize what these decisions or causes are. All we know is that years later we are paying for something or reaping the consequence of these decisions that we made.

Music Inspired By The Butterfly

Michael Jackson's "Butterflies"

Growing up as a child Michael Jackson was my favorite musicians and his music still resonates with me today. His song "Butterflies" from his Invincible album was released in 2001. The song was written by a group called Floetry and is about the feeling get from the one we love.

This was an experience Marsha Ambrosius one of the members of the RnB/Soul Group Floetry had. The inspiration for the song came from that and she wrote the song, which was later picked up by Michael and performed by him on his album in 2001.

Butterfly Sayings and Quotes

The most famous of all butterfly quotes was said by legendary boxer Muhammad Ali. Ali uttered these words that would remain historical forever.

"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee." - Muhammed Ali

When Muhammad Ali said this famous quote it implied and signified how versatile of a boxer he was. It also hinted that he was dangerous and not someone to mess with. Floating like a butterfly meant that he could maneuver and move swiftly in the boxing ring. Muhammad Ali was known for his footwork and how he moved while he boxed, but he was also known for throwing these blows that would knock that his opponent out. Hint, his punch would sting like a bee.

"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the master calls a butterfly." - Richard Bach

The following quote sort of gives us an idea that we don't always know what we ourselves are going to become. A caterpillar doesn't know that it's going to become a butterfly. However through this end of one creature is the birth of another. A caterpillar is a caterpillar no more and goes to the metamorphosis stage of evolving into a butterfly. Metamorphosis is somewhat of a supernatural transformation. Some believe that when we die we don't actually die but we go through some sort of a spiritual transformation. Flash we are no more but we become 100% spirit.

Butterfly Sayings and Quotes

The website is a growing resource for artists that I've been working establishing. Many pros are available of the artwork that I create. Some can be purchased on redbubble.com or fine art America which are two third-party printing sites that I use for prints of my artwork.

You've enjoyed this article please go and make a purchase of either an original artwork and my original art store or purchase a present to my red bubble or find out America print stores. I hope to continue to produce great content as well as in site full articles about the artwork or drawings that I share.

8 Facts About The Butterfly

Butterflies wingspan can be as small as a half an inch up to a foot in length.

· Butterflies rely on nectar found in flowers as their food which they suck with their tongues. Butterflies find drinking Tea sap as a way to survive.

· Butterflies pick up sent with their antenna

· Butterflies are also one of the rare creatures is that do not have any lungs

·Butterflies taste with their feet.

· Butterflies do not hear sound, but they pick up on vibrations.

· There are roughly 24,000 different species of butterflies in the world. In Australia alone there over 380 butterfly species 70% of which are found in the rain forest of wet tropics.

· A butterfly can go the distance of more than 3000 miles without getting lost when migrating from one location to another location.

The Process I Believe In:

I believe In exploring and never ceasing to create art as an artist. Challenging myself to create a variety of art is something I push myself to do. In return I’ve grown a lot over a short period of time because I am not afraid of trying different art styles and experimenting with different mediums of traditional art.

You can also brose through the fashion art collection or the human heart artworks I've also created. If you love high heels you will love the fashion series and if you have experience working in the medical field or love poetry you will find the hearts metaphorical.

Thank you if you made it this far and read about each heart.


Looking for a beautiful butterfly wall art to enhance your home's walls? Take a look at these unique and original butterfly artworks. The following abstract butterfly paintings are available for print on canvas, paper, metal and more. Shop any of these beautiful artworks and own something special. Visit kenallouis.com for more are #butterflyart #wallart #butterflywallart Looking for a beautiful butterfly wall art to enhance your home's walls? Take a look at these unique and original butterfly artworks. The following abstract butterfly paintings are available for print on canvas, paper, metal and more. Shop any of these beautiful artworks and own something special. Visit kenallouis.com for more are #butterflyart #wallart #butterflywallart Looking for a beautiful butterfly wall art to enhance your home's walls? Take a look at these unique and original butterfly artworks. The following abstract butterfly paintings are available for print on canvas, paper, metal and more. Shop any of these beautiful artworks and own something special. Visit kenallouis.com for more are #butterflyart #wallart #butterflywallart

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