Blue Wall Art – The Beginning of The Most Beautiful Blue and Gold Art Series

Blue Wall Art

January 20


Blue Wall Art

The following blue wall art piece is entitled "Blue Goddess Irisa". The illustration was inspired by beauty and the concept of divinity. My goal in creating the artwork was to illustrate beauty to look divine.

I took an approach in the composition to combine elegance, boldness, luxury, and nature the following artwork was brought to life. The illustration is the first of an ongoing blue portrait art series in the works. More paintings from the collection will later be updated on this page as well as the art store.

Blue Wall Art - The Beginning of The Most Beautiful Blue and Gold Art Series | Blue Painting, Blue Portrait, Blue Goddess Art, Blue Art Series, Blue and Gold Artwork.

blue artwork portrait
blue artwork prints

Creating Symbolic Art and Unique Illustrations

Over the past years I've been creating a wide body of work with accents of gold. It is one of the marks I've come to include in my digital illustrations and paintings. Whether I am creating something that is slightly abstract or a portrait illustration like this first piece for the art series.

As an artist I am always challenging myself to push the boundaries of my imagination, but also doing so in a way that I don't sacrifice my style or vision as a creative.

The Blue Wall Art - "Blue Goddess No 1"

Blue Wall Artwork

Gold Framed Blue Wall Art Piece

Do you love this artwork? Purchase a print today as a gift for a friend or for your own living room or office wall. I am certain it is be a statement piece where you place it and a great conversation started.

Blue Artwork Series

Passion For Art
Every day I create a sketch or a drawing to express an idea that I have in mind. I try not to let any ideas sit for too long and do my best to act on them by either creating for drawings or at least small sketches.

I’ve been drawing since I was four years old and 20+ years later I am still doing a lot of drawing. The influences for the artworks that I create are Jean Michel Basquiat, Pablo Picasso, Hokusai Katsushika and Jackson Pollock.

4 Year Old Me

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