Zendaya Art series

The Most Beautiful Zendaya Art Collection

Love Zendaya? I do also, that is why I started this collection of illustrations of this beauty. Take a look through the most beautiful Zendaya art series in progress. All of the artworks inspired by her beauty, fashion, and persona. The collection of art is an ongoing project; Although, I've yet to meet Zendaya I see her as my muse at an artist... or maybe I'm just a fan. Regardless, I hope you enjoy the zendaya artwork you see on this page.

Greatest Showman Digital Painting

Queen Zendaya Artwork

The Artist | Kenal Louis

Kenal Louis - The Artist

A Little About Me

Hi my name is Kenal Louis and I am a digital illustrator and traditional multi-media artist. Art is my passion and has been since I could hold a pen to write my name. I begin drawing at the age of 4 and have never stopped since then.

My growth as an artist is one of the most important things to me because I do not want to be stagnant as a creative.

Therefore, I make a constant effort to push the boundaries of my imagination and what I am capable of doing as a visual artist.

I begin created a series of illustrations and artworks of Zendaya sometime in 2016.

Since then I've created six complete digital paintings and drawings of the beauty, musician, and actress. 

Zendaya is more than her talents; She is inspiration, a leader in her generation, and activist among many other things. 

Each of the artworks you will see on this page are merely visual reflections and my interpretation as an artist of her beauty. 

Zendaya Art Piece: Zendaya Goddess

Zendaya Art Piece: Something New Art Concept

The Zendaya Met Gala Fashion Illustration Process

Before I created this digital art piece of Zendaya with Zac Efron I went to watch the movie The Greatest Showman.

The main reason I went to see the film was because I wanted to get a sense of who her character was and the narrative of the motion picture. 

I loved the movie and I am glad I went to see it because it sparked some creative ideas in my mind as well as made her role clear to me.

Now the challenge to myself was creating an illustration that would be a great representation of Zendaya and Zac Efron together.

I spent hours also listening to the soundtrack as I worked on the digital painting and the result came out better than I envisioned at first.

An Inspiring Film

The greatest showman is a very inspiring film. It is truly the greatest musical cinematic movie I’ve seen in a long time. I continue to reference it to Moulin Rouge because that movie was also one of my favorites when it first came out.

I remember drowning myself in music soundtrack for the movie. In a similar manner, I found myself also playing the soundtrack to the greatest showman on repeat. 

Interest in reading more about what I thought about the movie and the other thoughts I had about the artwork? visit my blog on Kenalsworld about the art direction of the Greatest Showman artwork.

The Zendaya Met Gala Fashion Illustration Process

Below is a sequence of the process of one of the Zendaya illustrations for the art collection.

Zendaya Art Piece: Met Gala Fashion Illustration

Zendaya Art Piece: Met Gala 2017 Fashion Illustration Sequence

Also below you will find the artwork of Zendaya will a crown surrounded by two jellyfish. This illustration is part of a gold royalty art series I started in 2016. The first piece from that collection was of another talented beauty (Zoe Kravitz). Take a look at the royalty series to see the other individuals I've painted and illustrated since I started the art collection.

Stay Updated With The Zendaya Art Series

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The 2018 Met Gala Fashion Illustration Art Concept

This next artwork was created inspired by Joan of Arc style dress that Zendaya whore to the 2018 Met Gala.

I didn't want to just copy the dress and outfit like a traditional fashion illustration so I changed a few elements in the design.

Over the years I've learned that as an artist I am the art director of the projects that I create.

Since I learned this, I've always challenged myself to create something unique to me and that will be recognizable as my work.

The result of having this mindset is creating the artwork the way that I do.

The 8th Piece In The Zendaya Art Series

The Zendaya Artwork Details

Cost For Prints

24in x 24 in Signed Giclée Limited Edition Art Prints: $432.00 (Free Shipping)

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16in x 16 in Signed Giclée Limited Edition Art Prints: $192.00 ( Plus Shipping Fee)

The cost is calculated by squa​re in. L x W x $.75

Zendaya Art For Sale

Limited Edition Zendaya Fan Art Prints Available On By Manual Order

The artworks are not available for purchase online. If you would like to inquire on a print, sent me an email via the contact form. I will personally print the artwork locally, sign it and physically mail it to you myself.

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Are you a fan of Zendaya? Take a look at these beautiful paintings and drawing of the beauty. The most beautiful art collection of Zendaya. Are you a fan of Zendaya? Take a look at these beautiful paintings and drawing of the beauty. The most beautiful art collection of Zendaya. Are you a fan of Zendaya? Take a look at these beautiful paintings and drawing of the beauty. The most beautiful art collection of Zendaya.