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Black Royalty Art | Gold and Black Artwork

The most beautiful gold and black artwork series called the Royalty Art series. Inspired by the idea that we were all born to be kings and queens, the art collection was born. Primarily the collection of artworks begin as a black royalty art series, but I've expanded it to other multi-cultural figures. Some of the subjects as of Latin descent and other ethnics.  

"Royalty Series" Artwork Collection Gold and Black

The Royalty Art Series Concept | Black and Gold Art

Finding inspiration as an artist can be difficult or it can come with ease. Some artists just find it harder to be inspired than others. As a creative artist, I’ve always had this drive internally to self-motivate myself and create art in my own direction.

The royalty art series is a reflection of me as an artist and the thoughts that run through my mind. I met a man once who was also an artist and he told me that I was the director behind my art. Something so simple resonated with me and forever change the way that I perceive myself being an artist.

Creating the Art series came following documentary I watched on artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. I was inspired by how he sparked a noise and his culture and community as an artist. His narrative was also inspiring for me to continue my journey as an artist. In 2018 he became the first black artist to have his artwork auction for over$100 million. 

Queen Zoe Kravitz Artwork

Queen Zoe Kravitz Artwork

At the beginning of Basquiat's journey, he was passing out flyers on the street for a few bucks to be able to buy more art supplies and live his life. Although, he is no longer an active or living artist he left his footprint on art culture. Nevertheless, the impact that he had on abstract expressionism continues to evolve.

The First Queen Zoe Kravitz In The Series

I had this idea already to illustrate and create a series of artworks portraying people as kings and queens. The first piece that I created was of Entertainment beauty Zoe Kravitz. As I created each piece in the art collection I learn new ways to paint certain elements. 

The process became more experimental and more of a visual adventure. A lot of research is done prior to the creation of each piece. Zoe Kravitz is a beauty and when I created the artwork of her, I thought of how I could make the artwork reflect her persona. This simple idea led me to create this illustration of her.

Gold and Black Artwork Collection

Gold and Black Artwork Collection

Black Royalty Art | Creating Beautiful Black Art

Everyone is different and what I believe makes individuals the person that they are is their purpose, their beliefs, and their passion.

Finding genuine people who you can call colleagues and friends is getting more difficult every day. However, you can still find them because they are all around us.

As I create the pieces in this art collection all of these thoughts run through my mind. In my selection of the kings and queens that I decided to illustrate I study them from afar.

Some of the individuals who are the subjects and the illustrations that I do are public figures and celebrities. Other individuals in the series are those who I am close to and have connected with someway.

Over 400+ Hours of Painting

A lot of time and effort has been put into creating this art collection. The Royalty Art series have taken over 400 hours of painting to create so far. Each piece takes an average of 30 hours to complete.

I believe investing the time in my work is critical for me as an artist because it helps me grow. Growth is something certain artists become stagnant with and sort of forget about.

Winnie Harlow Artwork Detail
Rihanna Artwork Detail
An Ongoing Black and Gold Art Series | Beautiful Black Art

Since an early age, I developed a passion to learn. Drawing begins for me at the age of four and right then I knew I wanted to be an artist, but along the way, I got lost and dabbled into doing photography as well as graphic design.

Both of these forms of art taught me a lot about composition and creative art direction. The art series is an ongoing project that I have no idea how long I will be working on. I don’t even know which number I will stop. I could create 100 pieces and call the collection complete or maybe one day I will reach 1,000 portraits.

All I do know is that I want to hold a big art showcase with all the artworks in a large room. What would be even more phenomenal is to have all of the living individuals I painted in the series in the same room.

Patience is the key factor in each of these illustrations that I create because whenever I rush I believe my artwork does not come out the way that I envision it too and I cheat myself as an artist.

Why Make The Gold and Black Artwork Series?

We are all kings and queens, but not all in the world live as royalty. Gold is also something highly valued and many people have died for that represents luxury. Everyone should be illustrated in gold. The black aspect of the artwork is both in subject matter and theme.

Most of the individuals in the Royalty Art series are black because I've been to many museums and 95-99% of the art in there I've seen highlight many Caucasian/white figures. I wanted to created something diverse in culture, but also inspired by my own roots in a way. Being a Haitian I did not have a choice in choosing to be black, but I really wouldn't have it any other way. The gold and black artwork collection is a body of work I am very proud of; I know it is different than many art I've seen. I will continue to push the envelop with the series to see how far I can take it.

Celebrities Liked and Shared The Series

Some of the celebrities and public figures that have liked the artworks from the series on Instagram are Zoe Kravitz, SZA, Trevor Jackson, Sydney Park, Ashley Jackson, Ro James, Isis King, Zendaya, Miguel, Amandla Stenberg and more.

Queen Ashley Jackson Artwork Detail

Queen Ashley Jackson Artwork Detail

Queen Sydney Park Artwork Detail

Queen Sydney Park Artwork Detail

Elements of The Artworks:

Again the details in the artworks from the gold and black royalty themed series is what Makes each piece unique and distinguished from one another.

For those who I am not 100% familiar with, I do research regarding their background and read about their journey as they’ve become the people who they are. In their story, I find certain things that I can translate to elements visually. It could be something simple like their zodiac sign, a tattoo, and or birthplace.

The elements I also use in my African artwork series inspired by tribal African masks.

Details Of Painting:

The other type of detail that goes into the artwork such as skin texture, hair highlights, and light direction is the result of the time that I put into producing the digital paintings.

Although, sometimes I feel like digital art is not quite where it needs to be as far as appreciation. However, I do believe that it is truly the future and art.

As technology continues to advance it is my belief that more and more people will become aware of digital art and it’s entirety.

Photography took the world by storm when it first was developed and nearly pretty much replaced traditional painting portraits. Some patrons of the art still support artists who do traditional Renaissance style and realism paintings.

History repeats itself and at some point, digital art may be just like Photography to traditional art. Yes, traditional art will never die because the experience of holding a pen or pencil or brush in your hand as an artist is a part of what makes the experience of being an artist worthwhile.

I love art in all it’s forms, whether it is music, photography, and or dancing. Art has a special place in my heart.

Gold and Black Artwork Series

Gold and Black Artwork Series

Miguel Artwork Detail

Miguel Artwork Detail

Miguel and Nazanin Mandi Art

This is a process image showing the colors and tones that I used to paint the portrait of these two.

Miguel and Nazanin are already two of the most beautiful individuals I’ve seen together. Putting them together in an artwork and making it work was not that difficult of a task. 

My focus in this piece was to bring a sense of painting texture to the artwork. I did not go over the top of the details and in the gold, I even left the black contour lining of the drawing created for the illustration.

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Gold and Black Artwork | Portraits From Black and Gold Art Collection