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Fashion Art Collections and Series

The following illustrations and fashion art pieces are a series of artworks by Illustrator Kenal Louis. From the gold fashion figures to fashion illustration alphabets. You'll love the collection of artworks if you love fashion and expression of creativity.

Fashion Art - Gold Mannequins

Series Title: Stance

Featured on ROUGH-ONLINE UK Magazine

Fashion Figures - Divine Fashion

Series Title: Fashion Gods

Fashion Art
Fashion Art

Thoughts of An Artist: Inspiration For The Art Series

When I first thought of illustrating the gold figures as models for the following fashion illustration series, I didn't overthink it. At the time I only wanted to create something that was different and that I had not really seen before visually.

In a lot of the other artworks that I create I use gold as the accent mark in the art pieces. This really came from my admiration for Pablo Picasso and Jean-Michel Basquiat's signature styles. As artists, they all had several things they left behind in their art. They inspired the world through their art and generations after them (that is my dream).

Picasso created art inspired by his emotions, which led to his rose and blue period paintings. Basquiat also had the crown and the disturbing distorted figures, which also represented his pain and point of view on certain things.

Fashion Illustration: Zendaya At The Met Gala 2017

Fashion Illustration of Zendaya
Fashion Illustration of Zendaya

I created this fashion illustration of Zendaya in 2017 because I am a big fan of her. I created several portraits of her in the past and I am grateful that this illustration including another have been featured on her Zenzine App.

An Artist's Lifelong Dream:

Today as an artist I can only dream and aspire to be a great artist myself one day. Even if I was to ever reach that point of abundance in success as an artist, I believe I would always look to push myself creatively.

This mindset has been my habit for the past years since I really started drawing and creating art. I can only hope that my artwork over the many years to come will be remembered and leave a memory footprint in the mind of the viewers who see them.

The fashion art collections are on-going and I am certain over time I will continue to develop other creative visions.