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November 22

Suppose this is your first time coming across this page. I am an artist who two other artists inspired after viewing their works.

So, I reached out to them to ask if they would be interested in being featured on my site's blog section, and they said yes. So, let's get into this.

Art That Inspires: Two Creative Artists You Need to Follow Online

The following Q&A is not going to be your typical; when did you start making art?

What are your preferred mediums, etc.? Instead, this feature intends to highlight the innovative thought and energy that went into a phenomenally captivating collection of art.

I genuinely believe thousands to millions of people should see the artwork these two create.

I hope that whoever takes the time to view the stunning works by Andres Genesis and Ëmilia Oxumaré will feel a connection to the artwork these two beautiful people created together.

Toward the end of the post, you will find the link to their social media and the best way to contact them to inquire about a specific artwork or purchase a piece of the collection if they haven't sold out already.

Art Collection: TempleWork – Q&A Between Artists

Ëmilia Oxumaré
Andres Genesis

TempleWork - Art That Inspires - Artist Q&A

Kenal: Upon first viewing TempleWork, I could feel something purely innovative from the art pieces I saw you two shared on Instagram.

What was or were the catalyst that caused a spark in you two to create this collaborative body of art? (Feel free to provide your independent thoughts on these questions.)

Andres and Ëmilia: TempleWork has been a long time in the making it feels. The last couple years leading up to this collection we’d been diving very deep into ourselves, and felt a call to something greater.

We were both already individual artists, Andres being a musician and Ëmilia being a poet/painter, so collaboration was only natural as our spiritual paths began to intertwine even more.

Through a series of architectural dreams, visions and inspirations, we decided to relocate to a small desert town, hoping silence would help us to hear the call more clearly. From here, TempleWork seemed to just unravel on its own.

Textured Art

Kenal: You could have chosen any medium to channel the energy, imagination, and thoughts you wished to express in the art… Why did you choose the ceramic, glass, porcelain, stones, and crystal gems to bring the artworks to life?

Andres and Ëmilia: In an increasingly virtual world, it is important that we remember the power of our hands, and the importance of working directly with the earth.

Andres had been feeling inspired toward architecture and building, so that played a huge part in us finding our way to mosaic art, working with tile and grout and creating small temples.

Ëmilia being accustomed to the two dimensional field of painting, this new medium provided a way to add texture and dimension to the visions, bringing life and body to the art.

We are artists with every part of ourselves, and never believed in confining art to any certain medium, this gave us the freedom to see art in everything around us.

With this type of open vision, what began as an interest in mosaic tile art, quickly grew to include the rocks and gems surrounding us as well as candles, sculptures and really anything else around that drew our eye and was able to be glued down.

The Inspiring and Powerful Artwork

Powerful Artwork
Inspiring Artwork
Artist Feature
Art That Inspires

Kenal: When people view the artworks, what do you aspire viewers will gain or want to resonate with them?

Andres and Ëmilia: The TempleWork pieces are a reflection of the inner temple work that we have devoted our lives to.

They are the physical representation of our meditations, and of the beautiful chaotic twists and turns that come from navigating the internal world, we hope it inspires others toward exploring themselves in that same way.

We hope the pure creative energy in these pieces inspires others to tap into the creator within themselves, finding their voice and hand, and implementing that into their lives however they see fit.

There is no specific idea we want to come across, what’s most important to us is the energy we put into the pieces.

They’ve been consecrated with the energy of everything we are, and we hope that others can take the time with them to really feel that buzz and be moved by that in what ever way the individual needs, be it healing, motivation, a sense of peace, etc. 

Representational and Reflective Art Inspiration

Kenal: What sort of routine/ritual went into composing all of the pieces? Did you create any thumbnail sketches before creating them?

How much organization had to be done to accomplish your goals for the TempleWork project?

Andres and Ëmilia: Most of the work is done outside of the art itself, as we’ve said, they’re very much the result of the inner work.

When it comes time to sit down with the actual material, there is little to no time given to planning.

The Temple is the place where God meets Earth. For us, the art is an act of surrender to the creator in our soul.

We gather the materials that draw us, lay them out, play around with them a bit, and never hesitate to brush it all away and begin again if it doesn’t feel right. 

We allow the art to unfold with our gut and heart, and leave our heads to the side as much as possible.

Art Inspiration

Art That Inspires
Art That Inspires

Kenal: I admire the color combinations, asymmetrical balance, various textures, patterns, implied motion, and accents in specific characteristics you two chose for each piece distinctively.

I could feel chills from the marvel of inspiration that resonates from certain pieces for me more than others.

How long did you plan to start and execute this body of work?

Andres and Ëmilia: We’ve completed two bodies of this work so far, each comprised of about 20-30 pieces, and taking about 2 months each to complete.

The process of the pieces go in phases, from laying and gluing the tile, to grouting, and then sealing when compete.

We usually get a set of 4-6 pieces through the whole process completely before moving on. 

Kenal: As an artist who does his best to create something daily, whether a sketch, digital artwork or something else… I never ever create when I am angry or feeling spiteful.

Instead, I have when I am feeling overwhelmed, stressed, depressed, and just plain vulnerable.

What sort of moods did you create the art pieces in? How did you support each other throughout the process?

Andres and Ëmilia: There is no specific mood we create in, any and all moods may exist on the surface there. We use the art as a way of reaching that place in us beneath the surface, rather than expressing emotion, we are organizing it.

We create side by side, and the support is effortless. We guide each other with love and provide an outside perspective throughout the process of creation.

Serving as another vessel of reflection for one another, each vision becomes shared and felt strongly by the both of us. 

Kenal: Did both of your hands work on every single piece together? If I were to guess, I would say yes because I get a sense of consistency in the styles despite how completely different each piece are from one another.

Andres and Ëmilia: We’ve actually only made one piece together so far, most are made individually.

We appreciate that you sense such consistency, we believe that to be the result of how intertwined our processes have become.

We inspire each other in many ways, and in our pieces we are bouncing off of one another in a way that implements both of our styles into every piece.

However, once you get to know us better, you may be able to spot the subtle stylistic differences of hand in the personality of our work.

Characteristics Great Art

TempleWork embodies all of these and more!

Characteristics Great Art

Kenal: Lastly, how many total pieces are included in TempleWork? Will there be more added to the collection over time, or is the number you created finitely?

Andres and Ëmilia: This collection has 25 pieces, overall we’ve made about 60 so far. This is our craft, we will be making many more, and expanding to larger canvas as well.

The plan is eventually designing walls, garden landscapes and temples of all sizes, we consider these pieces blueprints for what’s to come.

Art That Inspires: Artists Andres Genesis and Ëmilia Oxumaré

Social Media Links


Xen Monkey

Contacting The Two Artists

TempleWork47[ at ]

One of My Favorite Rhythmic Tracks by Andres (Xen Monkey)

Visual Artists Who Create Purposeful Art

I hope that if you made it this far, you were inspired, felt connected to their work, and could relate to some of the organic process they go through to bring to life their art.

Truthfully, I've been inspired myself and don't know precisely how that inspiration input will manifest in my life or own personal works. However, I know if I draw or paint anything in the future with a thought that happens to show up from connecting with those, I will recognize it and give credit where it's due.

Gratitude to the Readers

If you read this entire post, you are beyond appreciative of speaking for Andres Genesis and me and Ëmilia Oxumaré.
As artists, most of us, from my experience, don't generally express our thoughts in words as to why we create the art we do.

Leaving some mystery for the art viewers seems normal because the artworks should spark thoughts internally.

I thank Andres Genesis and Ëmilia Oxumaré for being open to this feature. I also thank anyone who read this post and want to support these artists by purchasing artworks, following, and sharing their works.

Did you love this feature and want to see more posts like this? Leave thoughts down in the comments below.

A share goes a long way. So, THANK YOU in advance.

Feel free to share this post via Pinterest, Facebook, or Twitter or text it to a friend you know will appreciate the art and insight shared between artists.

The Very First Art That Inspires Artists Q&A

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