Afrocentric Clothing Line: Unique Black Is Beautiful
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As an artist I've been blessed to have the ability to create art. I believe I have a responsibility to use this creative gift to inspire the generation that will follow after me. Needless to say one of the biggest trends and movements today is the black is beautiful moment. 

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We all want to be inspired:

This is purely because of empowerment and inspiration. People want to be inspired whether they pronounce it or not. We all want to be inspired to be more and to do more. All of us have a dream or goal we would love to achieve ... or we at least did once, whether is is a childhood dream or a vision you had as an adult. 

For this reason, people seek business coaches and mentors. We want to know for certain we are who we believe we are. Being black in America has always been challenging. More challenging for some than others, but some parts of the world have it even rougher.

With so much racial tension that has risen in recent years in the United States as well as globally. We must encourage one another as Human beings all over the world. Whether your skin is darker then the next person truly doesn’t matter.

We are created to love not destroy not to hate. Our flaws as human beings have allowed us to take all these negative traits and to mistreat other people.

Artwork: "Dancing Beauty With The Swan"

The Dark Brown Version

Black Is Beautiful T Shirt - Dark Brown Version

Afrocentric Clothing Line - Black Is Beautiful Shirts Collection

Having a purpose and having a goal:

As an artist has to ability to create a visual art and Although it’s not the same as audibly talking, I believe I can have an impact on society as well as influence the world.

One of the ways in the current day and age art is more visible than any is on clothing. Graphic T-shirts, dresses, shoes, and other accessories allow us to share a message with someone when they for seat us without even saying a word. After all, a picture is worth 1000 words.

I took some time to create these designs for empowerment and also in support of the black is beautiful movement. The body of work that I create as an artist is very diverse and varies on the subject matter.

In the past, I have created artworks that people haven’t reacted to them at all because it didn’t inspire them or they didn’t feel connected to the art.

Achieving this type of impact in your work as an artist is the most challenging thing you can face as a creator. Whether you are producing music or writing a novel or in my case creating visual artworks, it takes a certain element to connect an impact people’s emotions.

The Multi-Colored Version

The first Afrocentric t-shirts Collection

My previous published Afrocentric T-shirt Siri is has been well received on Pinterest and received a lot of repins ( the link to that posts is below ). The mound of people that the artwork is reaching is unimaginable to me because for a long time I’ve been using Instagram and Facebook as well as Twitter and blogging since 2011.

It wasn’t until recently because of this reaction to the artwork that I realized what my viewers really wanted for me to create for them. Now on my part, I’ve never really done an official poll for my audience Or done any survey to see what kind of art inspires them.

The Afrocentric Clothing Line At Birth

The Afrocentric clothing line and T-shirt collection are only at their beginning. There are so many creative ideas that run through my mind daily That I am always eager to bring to life visually.

Time is the only thing that prevents me from being able to create and share this type of content daily, but I am determined and I am committed to producing the best artworks I can possibly do with taste, quality, creativity and through my passion.

The All Gold Version

Afrocentric Clothing Line - Black Is Beautiful T-Shirt - Gold Version

The passionate artist:

I am a very passionate individual when it comes to art. Since I was a child I’ve had this dream of being this artist who owns his own art gallery and creates art for people.

Every day I believe I am getting closer today I dream of opening this art studio, but I am not there yet.

What do you think about the Afrocentric design and T-shirt collection? Leave your thoughts below in the comments I would love to hear what you have to say.

Me at 4 Years-old

Me at 4 Years-old

As I mentioned this is not the first collection that I have published on the website. You can actually visit this post ( Afrocentric T-Shirts ) to also see the other designs that I have created which people have received very well.

As a Haitian artist and black artist, I believe I have something that is a treasure because I have a culture to represent. Whether I am creating Afrocentric art themed around my native country Haiti or the motherland of Africa, all of the art that I create come from one thing “Passion”.

Afrocentric Apparel T-Shirt

There Is Love

I believe Love also is something that I incorporate into my work and it is not just romantic style art but the love that I have for my culture along with the process of creating art.

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